PC Restart Problem

  ACOLYTE 10:24 05 Apr 2005


My other PC has started to restart on first boot
it goes through all the Post checks OK i get the windows load up screen (the one with the green line) then it just reboots itself and i get a screen saying it didn't shut down correctly,and i have to wait for the timer to countdown to restart i have checked all the error logs but there is nothing there to indicate there is anything wrong,also no error comes on screen it starts and works OK for the rest of the day.I have scanned for spy ware and viruses nothing show up I'm at a loss where to start looking next.

  pauldonovan 11:04 05 Apr 2005

(Hit f8 when it starts to boot windows)

  ACOLYTE 10:53 06 Apr 2005


Yes i can get into safe mode the PC works fine it just restarts at first bootup after that there is no problem,even when i restart.

  DieSse 14:23 06 Apr 2005

Try going into the BIOS and Disabling the Quick Test setting (if it's not done already).

This gives the drives more time to start up, and the PSU to stabilise - it can sometimes fix this kind of problem.

  s mull 16:03 06 Apr 2005

Try holding in the power button for 10 sec to shut down, then restart, this might break the restart cycle

  ACOLYTE 22:54 06 Apr 2005

Thanks for the info, i checked in bios and the setting was already off so i turned it on,lol to see if it makes any difference will have to wait for cold boot to try it.The PC only restarts when i first turn it on in a morning after that i can turn it off and on as many times as i like and it works fine,so im thinking somthing is not starting or a driver is not loading but there is nothing to indicate what.

  DieSse 23:57 06 Apr 2005

"so im thinking somthing is not starting or a driver is not loading but there is nothing to indicate what."

With respect, that's not very logical - software isuues are very unlikely to be caused by the system bieng off for some time - they would occur every time it was switched on. It's moreikely to be a temperature related problem - ie something needs to warm up for a minute or two before it will work correctly. Such a situation smacks more of a hardware issue.

I would suspect the RAM more than anything - but whatever it is may only be discoverable by substiution.

One other temperature related issue concerns contact resistance where anything is plugged in - eg RAM, CPU. Maybe it's wirth taking out and re-inseting the RAM chips, the CPU, and all the plug-in cards.

Do them all individually, and test after each one - then if the fault does go away, at least you'll know which action caused it.

  Jak_1 00:51 07 Apr 2005

DieSse has made a valid statement there. Daft as it may seem, but, taking out and re-inserting the different cards can make a difference. This is normally due to corrosion of the contacts (though not usually visible to the eye) and re-inserting them can remove/cleanse to get things back as they were.

  ACOLYTE 12:12 07 Apr 2005

Ok, Point taken after reading it again it doesnt sound logical your right,but it did at the time,lol i to was thinking it was hardware related i just didnt wont to rule out software but as you say it doesnt make sence it would be software,when i got to the PC this morning it was already switched on as my son was using it and he said it didnt resart so now im at a loss although i will have a look inside and re-insert the parts,although the CPU will have to wait as i have no Heat Compound at the moment.

  ACOLYTE 10:34 10 Apr 2005

Update, Ok i have cleaned and reseated the cards and the Cpu it booted up fine and worked but it still restarted this time though i didnt get the safe mode boot screen telling me it wasnt shut down properly it just restarted and worked.Its only done it the 1 time so far so somthing has changed but its not 100% fixed,any more ideas?.

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