pc resetting itself

  inneedofhelp 15:01 28 Jun 2004

hello all,
After a recent format, I re-installed windows with all the updates, the direct x 9.ob then my graphics drivers, then eveything else. Since then, after 1-2 hours, the pc would hang, and the ONLY course of action is hitting the reset button. At first i thouht it was direct x. i checked this using diagdx and all fine.then I thought it might be overheating, however i have 8 fans i my case so thats not th problem(also checked with temperture probe). I then thought perhaps its not getting enough power. so for thr moment I have turned all the fans off.

It has worked so far (2days) however Im confused.My pc was working perfectly fine before i formatted my pc, and ever since then the above has happened. anyone have any ideas. If it proves to work for the next week the i will buy a new psu.
ps athalon 2700xp,756ram,radeon 9800xt,assrock mobo,80gig harddrive.thermaltake case with 8 fans(currently disconected, 400watt psu jeantech

  jpark2 15:44 28 Jun 2004

Do you use the Stand By mode?

  hugh-265156 18:09 28 Jun 2004

for xp, have a look in control panel/administrative tools/event viewer and click the system and application tabs. look here for errors and click them for more info. note the date and times listed.

are all your devices listed ok or are there any exclamation or question marks in control panel/system/hardware/device manager.

  Robotic_Rob 19:06 28 Jun 2004

It might sound strange, but if your pc was working perfectly before then why have you formatted it? As to me when people format a pc it means it a buggered.

When formatting the little devil did out happen to the pc/errors came up? As im thinking it could be a disc error.

  inneedofhelp 22:39 28 Jun 2004

i formatted it becuase it was full of crap and just wanted a fresh slate, nothing was wrong with it. i just dont understand it. i will try the event viewer and see what that brings up

  jpark2 09:06 29 Jun 2004

The reason I asked you about "Stand By " mode was because I had a similar problem to you which was caused by the computer failing to restore properly after being on "Stand By".

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