PC resetting - help needed!

  joelmb 11:17 15 Sep 2005

Hi I wonder if anyone can figure this out. I'm using win xp pro on a duron1.2ghz. everytime i come to switch my pc on in the morning, i get to the windows log in screen, log in ok, windows starts, but then just as it completes loading the pc resets. ive reinstalled xp recently so i dont think is the os with problems but, who knows.

if i connect via remote desktop however, it seems to continue working fine, but if i then log on via thedesktop it will reset again. today windows explorer crashed first and then it reset again.

ive not changed anything of note to the pc receently and have done everything i can think of i.e virus scans, spyware tests, hd error checking, system restore, to try and cure it, all to no avail.

the next thing i'll try is checking everthing is sitting in motherboard properly, but i havent moved it for a while so doubt this is it.

anyway, i wondered if anyone might have a clue what is causing this? someone suggested by the symptoms it might be a dodgy psu... could this be it?

  Diemmess 12:29 15 Sep 2005

[quote] might be a dodgy psu... [endquote]

Not - if all is well when connecting via another desktop..... The answer must be in the configuration somewhere, of XP or some drivers

  Yoda Knight 12:50 15 Sep 2005

Check ur keyboard and mouse, maybe the drivers. These would be the onmly difference I would expect between connecting via a remote machine...
Maybe graphics card, but I doubt it.

  Eric10 13:07 15 Sep 2005

You could try disabling 'Automatically restart' to see if you then get an error message instead of a restart that may point to the culprit. Properties of My Computer, Advanced tab, Settings button in Startup and Recovery section.

  joelmb 14:17 15 Sep 2005

i did as you suggest. error messages (after three crash/ rests) were

1. 'problem with ntfs.sys. page fault in non paged area'

2. 'problem with win32k.sys. page fault in non paged area'

3. A thread tried to release a resource it did not own.

I looked up the first two which although i immediately thought uh oh, XP is corrupt, suggest that can be down to hardware too, possibly ram. i ran a ram test some time ago when i had a similar problem and it was ok.

I'll try opening pc up and removing components one by one to see if i can pinpoint the troublesome hw, but in meantime, do the above shed any more light to the problem?

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