PC resetting

  joelmb 14:35 24 Jan 2005

Hi. I know this literally could be down to hundreds of thigs, but; I have Win XP pro and Duron 1.2gz, 640mb ram. recently it keeps resetting (i.e crashing and restarting automatically). I've just run a memory test and no problems there. I haven't added any hardware recently other than a Creative Zen micro mp3 player, but it crashed without that plugged in so don't think thats it. The strange thing is it seems to happen when doing something intensive, such as burning CD's to copy onto said mp3 player. I thought it might be just an os problem, was about to do a dreaded reinstall, then as xp disc was loading to do the install it crashed, i.e before xp was even loaded, making mean think probably not os either. Only other thing i've added recently is a netgear router but it had been working fine for a while with that up until now. Anyone have any suggestions for fault finding this gremlin? (i've run spybot/adaware/cwsshreder/hijackthis and cleaned so not that either) currentl running avg in case virus..)

  Graham ® 15:00 24 Jan 2005

Open System in Control Panel.

On the Advanced tab, under Startup and Recovery, click Settings.

Under System Failure, select the check boxes that correspond to the actions you want Windows to perform if a Stop error occurs'

Clear the box for Auto-reboot.

Now you will get an error message instead.

  joelmb 15:04 24 Jan 2005

ok, have done that thanks graham. any idea where the log of errors is stored? As it was selected to write to log, the error should already be in there...

  CliffP 15:09 24 Jan 2005

When this was happening to me a little while ago, it transpired a had a virus that was causing it - can't remember which one though...

  joelmb 15:49 24 Jan 2005

not a virus, completed scan, nothing found.

  FelixTCat 16:57 24 Jan 2005

Check your processor fan. When you are doing something intensive, the processor is generating the most heat. If the fan isn't cooling it properly it will cut out. Possibly the fan has failed, or just filled up with dust.

  Graham ® 17:03 24 Jan 2005

Right click My Computer, Manage, Event Viewer, System. Select an event, Action, Properties.

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