PC Recovery

  Haggismuncheruk 01:20 06 Feb 2005

When i bought my pc new it came with a cd to recover it if it crashed, which it did many times, but now the system is so far updated that if i have to recover it takes forever to update this and that and reload all the programs, as far as i can tell the info is kept on the d drive(partition) of the c drive and the cd will use these files to reload back to standard. Is there a way i can delete all the files from d drive get the system all up to date then make a new recovery cd and image/system files on the d drive

  Jeffers22 07:29 06 Feb 2005

I would think that removing the D: partition would only have the effect of preventing you from ever doing a reinstall of your OS. You could perhaps invest in Norton Ghost or Acronis True Image and take a backup image of C: which would allow you to recover to your current state if needed. You may well need a further partition in which to store the image file(s), so an extra hard disk may be needed too if you don't have much spare space.

  rawprawn 09:01 06 Feb 2005

If your hard drive is big enough, Acronis True Imaage will mahe a "Secure Zone" partition which will hold a copy of your C: drive this is easy to recover by tapping F11 at boot. So if say your HD is 60GB and your C: is 10GB even though you have a recovery partition already there you can have this no problem. It has saved my life many times.

  Haggismuncheruk 21:50 06 Feb 2005

Thanks guys that sounds like what i need i will go off and do that now.


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