pc reboots over and over

  grisler 13:36 23 Aug 2004

I have recently built a new computer, and having the following problems.

The screen go’s blank and then reboots over and over and doesn’t start, this has happened 5 times now in the last 3 months.
And have to go through the whole reloading of windows, drivers and software
each time.

I have used the following.
MSI KT4AV-L board, AMD Athlon XP2600 333 MHz 512 L2 cache Barton chip,
Elixir 256mb DDR400 CL3 pc3200 non-parity ram, Toshiba 4 x DVD-r/r w
ide burner,
Seagate u series x 20 GB udma100 h/d, GF4 MX 440-8x 64mb DDR AGP g/card,
Hi-speed 7x1 card reader, floppy, and case fan.
Win XP pro, win office XP, other software, and drivers, some games.

The last time I did a low level format, software from h/d manufacture, and it’s just
happened again.

Can any one help; it’s doing my head in.


  €dstowe 14:00 23 Aug 2004

Do you get any message before it reboots?

Have you done a temperature check of the CPU/ motherboard and/or graphics card?

Is there any notable thing that you're doing when this happens? e.g. is it working hard? Is it with any specific program or game?

Do you have enough power? What is the wattage of the PSU?

  Graham ® 14:16 23 Aug 2004

You can disable the reboot feature to get an error message instead. System Properties, Advanced, uncheck 'Automatically restart'.

  Graham ® 14:19 23 Aug 2004

Missed a step - Advanced, Startup and recovery Settings.

  grisler 15:26 23 Aug 2004


1. no messages.

2. I havn't done a temp check, what temp should
it be?

3.the mouse freezes and then the screen goes blank
then starts to reboot over and over.
it happens on differant task, ie games, word
prosesing, one acasion i did not install games
and very litte software.

i have a 350w psu.
At times the pc is on for hours and its ok.

  grisler 15:32 23 Aug 2004


do i have to reload system to anable this task or
through bios.

could the problem be in the bois setting ???

  Rayuk 17:22 23 Aug 2004

You will have to do it in Windows.
You can check the temp of the cpu in the bios

  pc moron 17:30 23 Aug 2004

Right click on My Computer on your desktop and select Properties> Advanced and under Startup and Recovery click Settings and untick Automatically Restart.

Hopefully you'll get an error message the next time Windows crashes.

Post the exact error message here.

  grisler 21:13 23 Aug 2004

rayuk and pc moron

windows will not load.

started mach and left for 15mins, cpu temp 39c-40c
system temp 30c-31c, 1 side off of case.
checked in bios justin case the settings are
wrong, the agp aperture size was set at 128mb.
is this to do with my AGP card of which it is a 64mb card.
I have been checking out MSI site forum to see if others have problums, no luck, but some has prob
with 8x graf/card and ddr400 pc3200 ram, but on other mobos.
thay say you should use a well know brand of ram,
is elixir a good brand.

  pc moron 01:28 24 Aug 2004

Try starting Windows in Safe Mode- keep pressing the F8 key while Windows is loading.

If it does boot, then turn off the Automatic Restart.

If it still won't boot then, as a last resort, you can try this click here and read the whole thread.

If this doesn't work then it looks like another re-install. Be sure to turn off Automatic Restart.

  grisler 11:09 24 Aug 2004

f8-windows advanced options menu, tried most of
options and none works, just reboots over and over.
I am going to check out the link as posted by PC moron.
if no joy,I am going to reload system, and untick automatically restart.

any advise on bios settings so I can crosscheck.

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