PC reboots only when playing games?

  claluc 16:27 06 Nov 2006

Am having renewed problems with an Evesham Axis2400 + Nvidia Ge Force.
Processor Athlon 64 - 2.0Ghz, RAM 521Mb (64 Mb shared by onboard graphics)
OS Windows XP Home SP2
The PC is used 99% for games by my son and is not (keep this in mind!) connected to the Internet.
During games the PC reboots itself without warning and with no regular interval patterns, it can be anything from 15 mins to over an hour.
After reboot the error message “system has recovered from a serious error” appears.
When not used for games no problems show and all works ok.
All the games played on it are 100% system compliant and have been used for long time on the same machine, this can’t be the problem.
I have opened the case and checked the fans, they seem to be working normally.
Also no dust inside as this has always been carefully and regularly cleaned.
The problem started after a failed RAM upgrade, - I had another posting on this-, but the additional module has been removed and everything put back to its original status including a System Restore to over 3 months before the memory upgrade. (ed-0 if you are around we can resume from there!)
I thought of reloading Windows but before doing this I would like to rule out all possible other causes as the OEM recovery CD Rom is Windows XP SP1, SP2 had been downloaded from Windows website when this PC was connected to the net.
Any help welcome, so far it has been an exceptionally good PC and surely has a lot more to give.

  dj hell 16:36 06 Nov 2006

what type of powersupply do you have there and what system cooling do you have in place,as playing games does put more pressure on the computer.

Personally though, i'd start first by doing a fresh install of windows. Also you dont mention exaxtly what games you're having problems with - are they all updated and patched to the latest versions?

  claluc 18:43 06 Nov 2006

I am about to open case again and check PS, will let you know.
Cooling system shouldn't be a problem, this PC has worked for 3 years in a very confined spece with little air, never a problem. It has now become my juniors gaming/homework unit and has plenty of ventilation around.
As for the games, there are scores of them installed but as I mentioned, they have always worked perfectly well on the same PC, none of them is used online.
Some can go on for hours before failing, others do it after 15 minutes to 1/2 hour.
The problem first appeared at the failed RAM upgrade, am not an expert but think something got upset at that point.
Question is: hardare or software? I would not mind a Win re-installation but...........If I re-install from original CD, this will be a SP1 version. What are the chances I will encounter problems as the "newer" version will be previous to the one installed?

  woodchip 19:09 06 Nov 2006


  woodchip 19:11 06 Nov 2006

And My guess is it needs a better CPU Fan, Also check if the Graphics as a Fan that it is not running too hot

  citadel 19:23 06 Nov 2006

if the motherboard has a agp slot you could install a graphics card. This will do most of the work when gaming.

  ed-0 19:26 06 Nov 2006

I thought you were successfull with the memory upgrade. click here Or have the problems occurred after the upgrade?

On a different note, you say

" + Nvidia Ge Force.
Processor Athlon 64 - 2.0Ghz, RAM 521Mb (64 Mb shared by onboard graphics)"

So are you using the on-board graphics or has it got a Ge Force graphics card or are the on-board graphics a Ge force chipset?

Try disabling the automatic restart in XP.

Right click my computer > properties > advanced > start up and recovery > settings > then take the tick out " automatically restart. Apply and OK.

If it wants to restart, it will throw up a BSOD. Mark down the code. See if that throws up anything.

  claluc 21:06 06 Nov 2006

Getting confused, so let's take things in turn.....
Overheating: this was not the case pre-failed RAM upgrade, so I don't see the relation.Have checked fans etc again, all working and temp in case seems very "mild". Is there a way to check CPU temp?

There is an onboard graphics chipset, nVidia Ge Force2, this seems to work ok, so why install an additional card? Also this worked OK pre-RAM upgrade.

ed-0, problems reappeared after the upgrade, actually got worse so I removed new RAM module and restored to an earlier date.
Now we are back to the problem described in this thread.
Graphics is an onboard chipset, no separate card.

Have disabled auto restart, will advise tomorrow on results, hoping my junior will want to play on PC as he's really going off doing it......

djhell: PSU is a Model FSP250-60GTV. This seems to be ok to me, fan is working ok and when PC is not gaming all is perfect.
Am an electrical engineer myself and know that if a PSU is failing it will do it in almost all conditions, why should it only affect games?
Regards to all.

  woodchip 21:10 06 Nov 2006

Games are more demanding on CPU and Graphics this generates Heat. On board Graphics is not the way to go for Games

  ed-0 21:29 06 Nov 2006

thats has cleared up a lot of points ;-)

" Getting confused, "

We can just try and imagine what you can see and try and interpret your descriptions to build up a picture. That picture is a lot clearer. Thank you.

Your PSU supply's just 250W.

As for the heat issue.

When or if the computer restarts, keep tapping the delete key and enter the bios. [ can't remember if we found your motherboard? ] If you have a heading for cpu/ frequency or similar, have a look inside. You may find the cpu core temp in there, alot of bios's do have this setting, mark it down and let us know.

You can use a free programme like everest home click here. You will find a setting in there that will give you a rough indication of the cpu temp, once again monitor this and let us know.

If you have no BSOD's and temp is fine. You may need a better PSU.

  woodchip 21:35 06 Nov 2006

250watt is a wast of time in this day and age. for games as well. It will be ok for low speck CPU and other hardware for typing letters but Games NO

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