PC re-boots

  BAC1-11 16:50 09 Nov 2006

After years of running XP without a problem a few months ago my PC took to suddenly rebooting. When it recovered XP's crash analysis program would tell me an unknown driver error had caused XP to stop. On other occasions it would tell me a video driver had caused the crash or even less frequently it would say a memory error was the cause.

I am running the latest Nvidia GeForce drivers and even carried out the memory check that MS advised, with no faults being detected.

Last week I reformatted C drive and did a clean install of XP and I had the same problems with the addition of on booting up I occasionally got a dialogue box telling me a registry file had to be recovered from the backup.

A few days ago I reformatted again and re-installed XP on my system and on two occasions during the installation I got BSOD due to a memory errors (IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL & PFN_LIST_CORRUPT). I re-loaded XP again after removing some memory sticks, the network card & sound card. After sucessful reboots over a couple of days I have gradually introduced various bits of hardware with no ensueing crashes.

Now when I boot up, when I get to the log on screen just after Kaspersky Internet Suit 6.0 (off the mag CD) appears at the top RHS of the screen sometimes my screen flashes 3, 4, 5 or 6 times.

Any ideas?

I must add I occasionally got the flashes before I started reloading XP

System:- XP SP2, 1.7 P4, Originally 1 Gb RAM., but currently 768 Mb.

  Gongoozler 17:42 09 Nov 2006

It appears that almost any hardware problem can cause these error messages, but the most common culprit is probably faulty memory.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:11 09 Nov 2006

I would agree suspect memory.

Also check cpu / motherboard temperatures, give it a good clean and check fans clean and running OK.

  BAC1-11 19:51 09 Nov 2006

I'm going to put the last memory stick back in tonight (the one the PC came with, so presumably it is a cheap & nasty one) and see what happens.

I did give it a good clean and checked the fans were OK. The temps were around 30 degs before the clean.

  BAC1-11 01:34 11 Nov 2006

Looks like it was that last bit of memory. Second start up with it installed and the system crashed after a few minutes. When it self re-started the message from MS was an unspecified device driver problem.

Interesting that before I put that memory in and since I took it out, no problems

  Gongoozler 16:20 11 Nov 2006

Borderline memory can be like that. I once fixed a friends computer that kept crashing; it had 2 sticks of memory, I removed one stick and it was OK for about a month, then it started crashing again. We fitted new memory and again it was OK for a few weeks and then started crashing again. I finally fixed it with a new motherboard and it has now been OK for over a year. Mysterious things computers.

  Alwolds 18:49 23 Feb 2007

I get the same message that you got from the looks of it, same again latest drivers etc.

I can be using almost any programe and it will close no reasons given, Once the machine is rebooted everything is fine.

Just annoying having to start machine wait for everything to load then re-start it befor you can rely on it.

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