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  fatalitylord 18:22 15 Jan 2006

ok last year i brought a brand new HP Pavilion PC. it has been working fine up until now, when i first start it up it will either . Crash .Screen goes funny .Freezes. After this happens i usually end up switching it off via the wall/CPU. when i switch it back on sometimes my monitor wont show anything, sometimes says "Input Signal Out of Range" after 3-4 crashes my PC is fine aslong as i dont turn it off again. What should i do? thnx

  PC Bilbo 19:01 15 Jan 2006

If your pc is connected directly to he wall socket and not via a surge suppressor, switching off at the wall socket could "spike" your pc and cause further and possibly expensive problems.

Will it not shut down by depressing the power switch for a minimum of 4 seconds?

There are a number of things that could cause symptoms you have from a failing power supply to a corruption in Windows.

Did these symptoms appear after you upgraded or added any additional hardware or software?

Have you tried pressing F8 on boot up and selecting Start from Last Good Configuration (or similar words)?

  Mytob 19:44 15 Jan 2006

Do you get the bios up at boot after it crashes? If you dont then it may be your grafics card playing up . If you do and get to the windoz loading screen then well im not suprised. Windoz espesialy the earlier versions are well known for crashing and reinstalling windows is a everyday part of maintaing your pc lol. I suggest tring to boot into safe mode and put your work onto floppy or pendrive preferbly and then wipe windoz and start again. As mentioned above dont turn your pc off at the plug as it wont do any good (even worse than having windoz on your pc! :) ). If your not a gamer try suse linux. its FREE!!!!! and is far more stable that windoz and far more secure aswell. Its available for download of the suse ftps or mirrors listed at click here

  Sharpamatt 20:18 15 Jan 2006

Ive never had regular problems, in the manor discribed by Mytob and would not even like to guess as to windows being the fault.

This sounds more like a problem that has been caused by lack of housekeeping, then agrivated by turning off the supply before the system has shut down.

By housekeeping its the routine mainatance to try to prevent to problems you seem to be having

First when it is running check your basics are all up to date, thats Virus Checker, Firewall, anti Spyware.Then turn off system restore, then run a full scan on each,

Then run disc clean, defrag, and a disc check.

Turn on system restore, and see how it runs then.Its at that stage you can start to look for hardware problems

As this system is only a year Old did you not get a service agreement with it. If so do the above and once you are sure this is not a software problem. then get your service agreement into action

  Mytob 11:29 16 Jan 2006

Hay windoz is the pro for me 99% of time! I do all the av scans defrags firewalls ip blockers and antispyware scans but windowz still buggers up on a regular basis! This thing is about as secure as the whitehouse and i still have probs with it. Im paranoid about my security and house keeping on it and well i still end up reinsatlling windoz every few months. I have had no such probs with linux or mac in the time iv been using them so this leads me to beleve it must be windows!

  gudgulf 11:55 16 Jan 2006

This sounds more like impending hardware failure to me.

The fact that once the pc is actually up and running it works ok tends to rule out a Windows problem......but as has been pointed out continual incorrect shutdowns can cause problems with Windows too.

You need to rule out Windows as the cause.......and the easiest way to do this is to open the computer case and disconnect the hard drive (removing the power supply cable and/or the IDE/SATA cable depending on what your pc has).

Now when you boot you should still get all the BIOS checks shown on the monitor but it will halt with a message that there is no operating system found(or words to that effect).

If you still find that the pc crashes or gives monitor signal out of range errors then it "must" be harware related.

First suspect....graphics card

Second suspect...power supply

But it could also be a motherboard,cpu or RAM problem.

If you find that the pc now boots into the BIOS checks without any crashes or error messages whatsoever then the problem lies with your hard drive or Windows installation.

Try it and let us know how you get on.

  johndrew 12:10 16 Jan 2006

Given the age of the PC, and having had a recent problem myself, could it be a bad connection between a card and the m/board.

Mine was a badly connected TV card which when re-seated cured the problem.

I am advised by my nephew (a good source of information as he maintains a network) that because PCs heat up and cool down it is not unusual for poor contacts to develop.

Any help?

  rmcqua 12:18 16 Jan 2006

If you take the cards out to clean their contacts, use a (clean) pencil eraser (gently). It's supposedly one of the better ways to clean gold plated contacts.

  fatalitylord 15:10 16 Jan 2006

Thanks for the fast responce, im no computer whizz but i will try some of the suggestions you said.

  fatalitylord 15:12 16 Jan 2006

Also i was looking through the contents of the box my PC came in, i looked everywhere and i am sure that windows XP didnt come backed up onto a disk so if i did re-install windows is there anyway i can get hold of the files via the web? backup my windows now would be pointless because it could be faulty

  gudgulf 15:47 16 Jan 2006

Have a look through your manual.Most pcs are supplied with either recovery discs or a means of reverting to a factory fresh installation.

Unfortunately this will lose all your data and other programs.This is why a back up of all your data files (at least) right now is a good idea.I suspect your Windows installation is ok.....it wouldn't run no matter how many attempts you made to start it up if it was badly corrupt.

Removing/replacing a graphics card or memory sticks and disconnecting/reconnecting the hard drive is not that difficult......but is definitely a daunting task if you've not done it before.

Remember you will get a step by step walkthrough on here at any point......just ask.

It would also help if you post the pc model and any details of it's specification you can here too.

One other question.......if,when the pc is running you have to restart it does it restart normally and run ok? In other words are you just getting the problem when the pc is started from cold(after being shut off for a number of hours) or does it happen if you restart with the pc fully warmed up and running as well?

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