PC Problems

  SUPER_KING 14:06 05 Aug 2005

Hi all i have a problem with my pc and i think it is due to a direct x driver, i had the same problem earlier so i installed DirectX 9.0 SDK Update - (April 2005) and DirectX 9.0 SDK Update - (June 2005) which i installed from the microsoft website without any problems. Since i only had 5% free space i uninstalled those two drivers without thinking, now when i go to the microsoft website it asks to validate my windows, so thats fine until it says that it cannot validate windows because i have problems with my internet connection, i know thats not true otherwise i wouldn't be able to post this topic. If i didn't need my P.C for work i would have smashed it up by now.

Any help is greatful



  SUPER_KING 14:09 05 Aug 2005

P.S: I have a microsoft xp home edition with service pack 2 and i'm pretty much sure that i definetly have all the required updates and such, i have both an ADSL modem and a Router.

  Joe R 14:12 05 Aug 2005


I would say that the problem lies with the 5% free space you have left.

A hard drive starts to run slower, usually after 60 - 70% full.

The best thing you could probably do, is do a complete format, and re-install the O/s.

  SUPER_KING 15:31 05 Aug 2005

yesh, thats what i thought but i'm going to upgrade soon so i cant really be botherd, is their any othe possibility? o_O

  Klof Ron 15:36 05 Aug 2005

Uninstall anything that you do not need, or use at least once a week, then run a disk defragging utility. This will give you some breathing space until you decide to do the upgrade.

  Joe R 15:43 05 Aug 2005


can't be 100% certain it would work, but you could try, uninstalling any programs or utilities you never use, back up (if possible) any music/video etc, and download this utility click here and run it immediately, and let it fix all selected problems.

Next, you will have to run a full disk scan, and defrag, before reinstalling directX9.

This may work, and get your system running again, but it will not run at the speed it could.

  Joe R 15:44 05 Aug 2005

Klof Ron,

sorry 'bout that, I was out of the room for a few minutes, after I started to reply, and missed your posting.:)

  SUPER_KING 16:01 05 Aug 2005

well i do haive a lot of useless stuff on my P.C, stuff like a half a dozen songs an pics lol :P, let me get rid of them and see what happens. brb

  SUPER_KING 16:12 05 Aug 2005

out of curiosity how much free space do i need? o_O

  SUPER_KING 18:36 05 Aug 2005

ok i now have 38% free space, is that ok? and Joe R what would u want me to do with that probram? o_O

  woodchip 18:41 05 Aug 2005

Yes start clearing out Programs you do not use from Add Remove in Control Panel

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