PC Problem

  King Soapy 10:56 10 Jan 2006

My Home PC has a few relitivly annoying problems.

It only very occasionally powers up at all, i can be pressing the button for ages and nothing, leave it for half an hour or so and it'll boot up.

When it does boot up it only powers the PC up as far as i can tell, no keyboard mouse or pad, also no signal sent to the monitor.

From what i can guess it could be the Motherboard, RAM, case, or power supply. This problem has gradually got worse (from powering up fine, to occasionally fine, to never) and i was wondering if anybody here could narrow it down, cause i dont really want to replace everything.

The power supply is a year old, a 400W dual fan low noise gold Q-TEC power supply. the RAM is 266MHz 512 DDR (in a 400 MHz slot tho, could this cause a problem?)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:03 10 Jan 2006

I would reformat just to check that the OS is OK but it does sound like a faulty PSU or memory and I would put money on the memory. Try swopping the memory, reseating the memory or taking a stick out if there are 2 in there.


  King Soapy 11:14 10 Jan 2006

The occasional time it does boot up the O/S runs fine, and this seems to be at a much lower leve than the O/S runs. thanks anyway.

I was thinking memory, but it at least seems to boot up OK, just without powering certain things on. I certainly dont get any unusual POST beeps, either 1 beep or none, I cannot remember. im at work at the moment but i will check when i am home.

  DieSse 11:34 10 Jan 2006

These kind of problems are almost impossible to narrow down except by changing one at a time the things that may be causing the problem. That's what any servicing facility would do (and that's the way would do it if I had a faulty client PC).

The problem for the home user is that they don't have a supply of spare parts to try.

My best guess would be that it's a motherboard problem - but since that's the most difficult thing to try changing, it's normal to start wth the simpler thngs first.

Check all the cable connections - take them off one by one and refit them. A bad connection from the PSU to the motherboard can cause similar problems.

Take out all the boards one by one and refit them - including the RAM.

Try another power supply

If you've got two RAM modules try it with each one in turn.

Try another graphice card.

Take out the processor and refit it.

Try it with no cards except the graphics card

Try another motherboard.

At each stage test it to see if the probem has gone - or you'll never be sure what the problem was.

  RobCharles1981 11:42 10 Jan 2006

No Don't listen too them!!!!

I had that very same problem King Soapy, It would shut down, then sort of powerup then shut down ect ect. It turned out too be my PSU had died go and buy a new PSU!! Good Luck!!

  King Soapy 11:43 10 Jan 2006

DieSse:- thanks dude, i work for a IT company, i would bring my PC in, but its wasting company time, but i may resort to that with my boss's permission.

i know it isnt the graphics card, as iv teste that with my old one, i know it's not the cable connections. thanks dude, that has given me a few idea's.

  King Soapy 11:46 10 Jan 2006

thanks Rob, as i say, unless its the RAM (which i want to replace anyway) it looks like the PSU. ill upgrade to a 450W or a 500W. if ur gonna change, might as well upgrade! depending on the price i can get a PSU for (our purchaser's jus browsing now), i may buy RAM and PSU.

the motherboard is gigabyte, only bought so cause of the high reliability, so im hoping its not that lol!!!

  DieSse 11:50 10 Jan 2006

You shouldn't be so dogmatic about what can cause this sort of problem - yes it might be the PSU - and then again it may not.

You'll see that all the things I suggested trying before another PSU will cost nothing - so they're always worth a try.

I've seen many PCs with similar problems - and with many different problems causing it - most often the motherboard. In troubleshooting a logical approach is better than a guess - even though a guess can work sometimes too.

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