pc powers up and thats it no beeps etc

  shauny36 20:33 12 Jan 2008

have been given a pc of a friend coz he couldnt get it to work, so as i like tinkering decided to have a go, but when i switch it on it powers up and the fans are working but there is no beeps (post)have checked the cables and connections etc but still the same.

is there anything else to try.

  Mick54 20:37 12 Jan 2008

Hiya you need to tell us the operating system and components or no one can help. How far does it get when you boot up. Mick.

  shauny36 20:50 12 Jan 2008

nothing at all even the screen is black. i think the os was xp.
sorry cant be much more hwlp

  Legolas 21:07 12 Jan 2008

If you have another computer try connecting the hardrive to it and see if it boots up this will help to eliminate at least one component.

  Legolas 21:26 12 Jan 2008

Just had another thought I couldn't get my system to boot a while ago turned out to be the Power unit again if you have another system try the power unit

  shauny36 21:50 12 Jan 2008

will try both tommorow and let you know the outcome.


  shauny36 21:53 12 Jan 2008

forgot to mension that the dvd romS wouldnt open when powered up but the fasn did, will try a multimeter to see if there is any power output.

  shauny36 10:27 20 Jan 2008

have tested the power output and that is fine i think 5.16v have also took the h/d out and tried it in my pc and that seems to be ok has got windows files and program files etc.the dvd drives still wont open and there is power going there,
have also changed the ide cable and checked all the connections. the only thing i am not sure about is the ram which i had lying around. even if it had no ram in i think it should still goto boot screen or beep.

anymore ideas

  DieSse 12:17 20 Jan 2008

Almost any component can stop the system booting, depending on what's up with that component.

Favourite (apart from PSU) is the motherboard.

I've seen RAM cause it.

I've seen a processor with bad connections cause it. Try removing the processor - refitting it - but when you put it back in move the lever up and down not too violently several times. This can wipe the contacts clean.

You can't make assumptions about what's faulty - you've got to go through things one by one.

  Legolas 13:23 20 Jan 2008

I would agree with DieSse you cant really assume one compoment or another is at fault and that means testing each one if that is possible. In my experience the main reasons for a system not booting has been 1)Motherboard. 2)Memory. 3)CPU. 4)PSU. but as said it can also be cable connections at fault.

  Les28 17:47 20 Jan 2008

I had that once, power on fans running no post beep black screen, it was ram. I had 2X1GB sticks of ram and one of them had died and there were no bios beeps to say it was a ram failure. It's an easy one to check if you have more than one stick of ram and it's another possibility eliminated.

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