PC Powers Off

  Legslip 21:24 26 Mar 2008

Friends PC is a Fuj-Siemens 3.4Ghz Pent 4 with 1gb Ram running Win XP. It will run for half an hour or so and then completely and suddenly power off and does not restart until power button pressed. I have installed Everest but don't know much about the software but it reports temperatures as follows:
M/board 40 C
CPU 100 C
Aux 30 C
WDC ? 43 C
Not sure if this is source of problem. Any ideas?

  ACOLYTE 21:27 26 Mar 2008

100c for a CPU is way to hot i think thats your problem,look see if the CPU fan is still working or blocked full on dust and give it a clean.

  pchelper001 21:34 26 Mar 2008

yes, your cpu should normally be around 50c possibly maxing on 70c but 100c is way to high

  Legslip 22:13 26 Mar 2008

....CPU fan is working but is dusty. B....y marvelous, comp. air can is empty. Will blow tomorrow and update.

  dogbreath1 22:20 26 Mar 2008

100c! Chance would be a fine thing. My system cuts out at 64c!

As you say, get the comp air going.

  skidzy 22:22 26 Mar 2008

Just to add to this;

If the cpu has been replaced recently,check the old thermal paste has been removed throughly and new applied.

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