PC Powered off and Won't come back on

  Dazza1971 21:45 30 Dec 2005


I recently upgraded my PC and all was working fine for over a day! Then my PC powered off for no reason and will not power back up at all. Now nothing happens when I press the power button. The bit I don't understand is my memory drive that is plugged into the USB port is still powered up and the LAN lights on the back of the motherboard are still lit. On the otherhand the power LED on the front of the PC, which was always lit even when the PC was switched off has gone out! At first I thought my PSU must have lost one of the rails, maybe 12Volts was down and the 5V was still powering the LEDs but now I'm not sure if the motherboard has gone pop.

I've checked all the connections inside and even took the upgrade out (I went from one 256Mb PC2100 to two 512Mb PC3200 Memory) but it still won't power up.

Has anyone seen this before or has any ideas what's going on.

Thanks in advance.

  RobCharles1981 22:01 30 Dec 2005

It might be the PowerSupply or MotherBoard, best thing too do here Dazza is to try another PSU too see if that works if not you will need a new Main Board

  PC Bilbo 22:02 30 Dec 2005

Are you sure the PSU is OK. By increasing the RAM from 256MB to 1024MB there would be an additional load of up to 48W on your 3.3V rail. Has your total 5v + 3.3V wattage exceeded the PSU spec possibly?

  Dazza1971 22:14 30 Dec 2005

Strangly enough I've just ordered another PSU and I did suspect that the extra drain might have pushed the PSU over the limit but I didn't realise that just upgrading the memory would take that much more power.

Anyway thanks for the prompt resonse and I'll post again when I get it sorted.

Ah for the good old days, when PSUs could be tested without needing a motherboard to tell them to turn on!

Cheers Again.

  Dazza1971 17:38 03 Jan 2006

Well my new powre supply arrived today (went for a 550w instead of my old 300w) and everything seems to be working a treat.

Thanks for the advice


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