PC power up problem

  GabrielMoroianu 17:46 28 May 2015

Good afternoon sir/madam,

I am writing to you this post because I have a problem with my desktop pc, and i wanted to ask for an opinion.

Apparently, when the pc is plugged in, when I press the power on button, nothing happens (fans won't start turning, and no LEDs), yet the usb appliances are blinking (usb webcam LED blinking, and usb speakers giving a sound, exactly in the same time when the webcam led is blinking).

I disconnected the power supply and connected it to anothet pc, and it is working fine.

Also, i tried connecting several components to the other pc, and they are working.

Recently i have moved the power cord to another wall socket in the house, yet it is strange to me why the power supply did not protect the internal components.

Now, i am suspecting that the culprid might be the motherboard, and luckily for me it is still in warranty so i am thinking that i should tear the pc apart and get the motherboard to it's serivice center.

So can you tell me what do you think about this situation? It would be very helpful for me to hear another opinion.

Thank you, Gabriel

  alanrwood 17:54 28 May 2015

Are you sure the connectors to the Power switch have not come off. Have you tried reseating the memory sticks. Try a memtest to check that the memory has not gone faulty.

Try connecting the computer back to the original socket in which it worked.

  GabrielMoroianu 23:06 28 May 2015


Thanks for your suggestions.

I managed to find the problem: the case frontal usb panel was the culprid. When it is connected to the mainboard, the problem mentioned above still occurs, but when unplugged, the pc works fine.

I tried to plug it in both motherboard's front panel connectors ( to see if they are working) but the same result.

I will probably have to cope without the front usb panels :)

  robin_x 23:51 28 May 2015

Buy a cheap USB Hub (with a long enough cable or an extra male-female to reach a rear port)

Velcro or BluTak to top of Desktop Unit

  faruk89 09:45 29 May 2015

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  alanrwood 19:06 29 May 2015


What a load of absolutely unrelated rubbish.

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