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  Alfressco 20:49 11 Oct 2007

Can anyone tell me what the best way is to connect my pc to my plasma. I Thought the best way would be HDMI to DVI but read that you need a separate cable for sound. Whilst looking for info about this i read alot of views that a VGA connection is better. Today went and asked in currys and they were no help and tried to sell me a hdmi to dvi for £99 and in commet they told me you have to get a hdmi to hdmi and a dvi converter as you cant buy a dvi to hdmi?????. Now i'm really confused. Help please!!!!

  Alfressco 21:43 11 Oct 2007

That would be simple but i'm not really looking to uprade as i have a 7800gtx

  woodchip 22:14 11 Oct 2007

As you say you need a DVI for Comp to HDMI for TV plus analog sound cables

  FatboySlim71 22:35 11 Oct 2007

I would really advise against using a Plasma screen for PC use. I used to have a Plasma TV a couple of months ago, the make/model I had were supposed to be very resilient to screen burn/image retention, but after less than a couple of hours of playing on my PS3, I had a screen burn/image retention, and this refused to go.

I would say you will probably know this Alfressco, but with Plasma's, there is a chance that if you have a static image shown on screen for a length of time then it is quite possible for that image to remain on PERMANENTLY, this is called screen burn, the other is image retention, this can go after time but it can also fade but not completely go, basically Plasma screens are not particularly suited for displaying static images, where as LCD's are. Believe me I have seen what can happen with Plasma's after a very short time of a static image been shown, if I were you Alfressco I would not chance using your Plasma for PC use, you would be as well buying an LCD for your PC and using that.

  Alfressco 23:23 11 Oct 2007

Thanks for the advise. I.m not planning on always running the pc through the plasma. Just want to watch films and play games on it so dont need to worry about screen burn to much. The tv model is LG 50PC1D

  woodchip 23:27 11 Oct 2007

Yes I use a 32" LCD for one of My XP computers

  FatboySlim71 08:13 12 Oct 2007

You mention Alfressco "Just want to watch films and play games on it so don't need to worry about screen burn to much"

The films won't be a problem, but playing games could. All it takes is something like a energy level indicator or similar static graphic, and then there could be a good chance of a screen burn or image retention. How I got my image burn was by playing a driving game on my PS3 for roughly 90-120 minutes, I wouldn't call that a long time!

I did explain to the person in the shop when I bought the Plasma that I intended using it for games console use; I asked the following question,

"Will I be at risk of screen burn or image retention with this set" the sales assistant replied,

"If you had asked me this question 3 years ago, I would have said yes, but now the Panasonic Plasma's are one of the most resilient to this, basically they are as resilient as a standard CRT TV, and when was the last time you heard of anyone getting screen burn or image retention on a CRT"; which I had to agree with him, as I have never heard of anyone getting it on a CRT.

I also done extensive research into screen burn and image retention with Plasma's, and what the sales assistant told me about "Panasonic Plasma's been one of the most resilient to this, basically they are as resilient as a standard CRT TV", was true. He did also say that most of the BIG names in Plasma "screen burn/image retention is not a problem now, they are a lot more resilient than they used to be and screen burn/image retention is nothing to be concerned about now"

LCD TV are the best kind to use for PC use and or games use. A Plasma used for a length of time for either PC use or games use is at a big risk of been ruined from screen burn or image retention and in the instance of screen burn this is a PERMANENT IRREVERSIBLE problem.

  Alfressco 09:48 12 Oct 2007

I already have an xbox 360 hooked up the the plasma. I've played games much longer than 120 minutes and haven't had any screen burn at all.

  sandmann13 17:29 28 Mar 2009

shouldn't my ps3 cause problem to my plasma as well?? i play gta for HOURS and the static energy bar is always on...

  FatboySlim71 09:20 30 Mar 2009

The screen burn I had with my Plasma was caused by a static in game graphic (a speedometer/rev counter from a racing game).

Some people are lucky and don't get screenburn, but some, like myself are not.

I know I wouldnt consider a Plasma set again, especially has I have a games console.

I can remember reading the below article saying that Plasma's are going to be banned due to the large amount of electricity they use. I can see in years to come that Plasma TV's would not be a purchasing option when choosing a TV.

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