Pc Pitstop Requires Your Help

  Stirkius 00:35 15 Oct 2004

Would anyone like to help find a cure for Alzeihmers ? -

If so please drop by on this link to see how....we really need help in boosting our stats for [email protected] and in all honesty you dont even know it is running....

Interested then please have a quick peek at
click here

copy and paste this into you address browser bar
(please accept apologies if this is not allowed on here - after all if you dont ask you never get !)

  Nellie2 07:36 15 Oct 2004

I'm already folding! For another forum though. :)

  kev.Ifty 00:05 16 Oct 2004

What is folding?


  gudgulf 00:20 16 Oct 2004
  end 00:23 16 Oct 2004

??is this "appropriate " for this forum?

may "infringe " forum rules and etiquette:(

  kev.Ifty 01:03 16 Oct 2004

What has that to do with my PC then?

Do they want to use it as a processor or server or something? I don't follow!


  end 01:14 16 Oct 2004

having re read the thread starter, I fail to see the point of the thread,; there is no cure for Alzheimer's , and this thread is basically seeking to "advertise" a product at the " expense" of a crippling illness ; am somewhat surprised that it has not been "pulled" by F.E,:(

  Nellie2 08:43 16 Oct 2004

There is no product to buy, some people think that by using their PC's downtime to 'fold' proteins or pre-empt how these proteins will act is helping to find cures for these illnesses.

There are a few communities accross the net that have developed quite a healthy competition attitude to folding and discuss stats and league tables etc.

The software that you need to load doesn't agree with everyones setup, but then it is easy enough to uninstall too. Personally I've found no loss of performance or had any problems.

Here are my stats if anyone is interested click here

Kev.Ifty asks how does it work, well there are some links to flash videos click here that will explain it a lot better than I can.

  User-312386 08:51 16 Oct 2004

fold for the same team click here it is a worthwhile thing to do

  end 11:15 16 Oct 2004

then can someone explain to me the "connection" between the "folding things" and Alzheimer's; I m willing to learn about ideas etc, but still find this issue "offencive":(

you cannot cure Alzeimers ( have you lot seen people with it or cared for people with it?)...either I am "missing something "( to coin-a -phrase)) or ...

  JonnyTub 11:29 16 Oct 2004

this may help end click here

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