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  5ean 17:14 11 Dec 2005

Hi all,

I have sucessfully set up a wireless network at home and thought I'd be able to help someone out link 2 pc's together with a cat5 wired setup.

This is what I did:

Connected the 2 pc's and turned on the internet and printers as suggested in the setup wizard. I ran the wizard (xp's wizard) on both pc's but all I get is that the cable is disconnected. Is a dodgy cable a likley scenario for this type of thing? The pc's report that both network cards are working. (I think they are on the motherboard, Dell dimensions)

I have set up the ip address and subnet mask of each machine and granted access in the wizard for each machine to talk to each other.

Anyway, if someone has done this on 2 winXP machines could they please copy their settings in Network so i can make sure I have got those right? Many Thanks.

  LastChip 20:07 11 Dec 2005

If you are saying you have connected the machines directly to each other, you MUST use a crossover cable.

  Kegger 22:40 11 Dec 2005

I concur with LastChip,
when connecting two PC's it is a lot easier to use standard cat5 /6 cables and either a hub or switch in between them. this allows for expansion i.e. printers, Broadband connections, Wifi boxes etc, (also straight threw cables are a lot cheaper than cross over cables)i am guessing that you haven't used a crossover cable and that is why you don't have connectivity, if you run ipconfig /all from a DOS prompt you will probably get addresses in the 169.xxx.xxx.xxx field as that is the default address range for network cards trying to get DCHP addresses, which fail and the system then appoints one. if you need further help please post again. Kegger

  5ean 07:13 13 Dec 2005

Ahhhhh yes. I did a lot of reading and also rang Dell for advice........that was a waste of time! Use a cat5 RJ45 they said.

Will get a crossover cable thanks. It's a small office an won't be expanding it's operations or equipment.

many Thanks.

  BigMoFoT 09:29 13 Dec 2005

If you have 2 PC's with gigabit ports then you can connect PC to PC using a standard patch cable not a crossover and it works fine. (Neverthless so will a crossover!)

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