Pc overheating

  Thomo1 11:03 04 Dec 2006

I have a problematic pc,

The engineer come out as its under warranty but he still has not fixed it.

Its overheating (95deg to be precise and the fan speed is 3246) Thats all i can make out from his scribbled job sheets.

He is coming back out again tomorrow.

How bad is 95deg and fan speed 3246???

Its very vague i know, i apologise.

  Belatucadrus 11:14 04 Dec 2006

Difficult to say, but on the assumption that the temperature readings are for the CPU, 95 degrees Fahrenheit would be fine, 95 degrees Centigrade is much too hot, so it depends on what units of measure he's using. For the fan speed, it's not possible to give a definitive answer other than saying for some stock fans the figure of 3246 RPM would be reasonable, but large blade silent runner fans could give a much lower figure, so without knowing what type of fan is fitted it's difficult to tell if 3246 is the appropriate speed.

  Thomo1 11:26 04 Dec 2006

it is in degrees C

im going to get some bacon and egg to cook on it i think for lunch!

An educated guess says either the cpu fan is faulty/malfunctionig or the power supply id dying?

  Belatucadrus 12:31 04 Dec 2006

Any fan that's doing 3246rpm should be doing a better cooling job than that, I'd suspect either a duff mounting or the heat exchanger is filled with fluff. As the engineers done a runner, presumably to get a replacement probably the first. While a dying power supply can't be ruled out, I doubt it's the problem here.

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