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  s99Raj 23:51 16 May 2003

I have a movie, which plays OK in Windows Media Player 9, and which I'd like to record onto an ordinary VCR tape. My PC, a Dell Latitutde laptop, has an S-Video socket. Do I just coonect a cable to this and plug the other end into my phono Video-In socket on the VCR, play the movie and press Record on the VCR?

I haven't got a cable yet to try this because I don't want to waste money on the wrong cable.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to record a movie from a PC onto a VCR tape?


It might be better to connect your laptop to a TV
then to a VCR

  s99Raj 00:02 17 May 2003

To a TV?
How exactly?
Onto what socket on the TV?
The TV only has SCART.

  Demora 00:03 17 May 2003

If your tv has AV 1/2/3/ etc. and the video same should work ok. Cable costs about £15 BUT I think you could get one cheaper at Maplins. Shame Tandy gave up over here. I bought all kinds of cables from them in the past.

I used the same hook up as you require for my DVCam and videoed the school play ok

Hope this helps


  Demora 00:06 17 May 2003

Forgot to mention you can also buy s-video to scart.

about a tenner


If your TV only has a scart, you will need a s-video to scart lead, then tape from the TV to video the way you tape things from the TV.
hope this helps

  s99Raj 00:10 17 May 2003

My TV has only one SCART.
So it looks like all I need is a cable with S-Video at one end, and either SCART or Video In at the other.

Does that sound right?

yeah thats it,

  s99Raj 00:13 17 May 2003

I'm confused now.
Do I plug the SCART into the TV or Video Player?
If I plug it into the TV, then how are the TV and Video Player connected?

  hugh-265156 00:14 17 May 2003

will not go into the whole copywrite thing here but if its legal then you will probally have an svideo out to composite adapter that came with you graphics card(seven pin or 4 pin svid to ixphono-yellow plug)buy a composite to scart adapter(£5-£10 in argos/maplins)and run to the video av in.to record select the av ch.then select the av channel to record the video.

one other thing, if you have a DVD player, why not make a VCD with your movie.

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