PC Occasionaly Wont Go Into Win XP

  Legslip 14:18 03 Sep 2010

When I shut down or restart my office PC it goes through the BIOS screen but generally fails to boot into Win XP. I get a blank screen. I do eventually get back in by continually powering off and restarting. It's a bit worrying. I have run HD tests and they show no issues. Any ideas?

  woodchip 14:23 03 Sep 2010

Have you tried Safe mode? tapping F5 as its starting. If it goes try restoring with System Restore

  birdface 14:59 03 Sep 2010

Make sure there is no dust or fluff in the air vents.if so inside will also need cleaning.
Maybe give Malwarebytes free an update and run.

  Legslip 15:47 03 Sep 2010

Thanks Guys. Don't think it goes into Safe Mode but am about to try. Will report back.

  Nontek 16:37 03 Sep 2010

I had a similar problem a few years ago, sometimes needed as many as ten re-starts - eventually replace mobo, no more problems.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:22 03 Sep 2010

Age of machine?

As drives get older, they can take longer to get up to speed and become ready (available). This can then exceed the time it takes for the booting to look for the drive - so it doesn't find it.
The solution is often to make the initial part of the boot take longer, by disabling "Quick power on self test and/or making the system look for the floppy drive first by enabling "floppy seek".
Some BIOS even have a facility to put in a delay before the hard disk is checked.

  Legslip 14:26 06 Sep 2010

Fruit Bat, Woodchip an 'all!
PC is about 5/6 years old. When I switch on or reboot I get the Dell front screen with F2 for the BIOS. If the boot is going to fail I cant get into the BIOS or F8 Safe Mode. The screen just goes blank after the Dell front screen. I have kept rebooting and got into the BIOS and slowed the boot down and switched on the HD Check. I'll see how it goes for 48 hrs and report back. Thanks as usual.

  woodchip 17:55 06 Sep 2010

This may be down to the PSU on its way out. If you have a spare known working one, I would try it

  Legslip 20:29 06 Sep 2010

Thanks Woodchip. I will get hold of one and try later this week.

  Legslip 22:00 26 Oct 2010

Strange. Found the answer. The PC only fails to boot when I have my HTC Desire plugged into a USB port for charging.

Now only plug the phone in after boot-up.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:06 26 Oct 2010

Disable USB boot device in the BIOS

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