PC now going slow with ramdom shutdowns!

  matt-few 21:17 01 May 2006

PC is 18 months old, with a clean windows install 4 months ago. No viruses or spyware but over the weekend is now going really slow and today as started shutting down without notice - usually when idle for a couple of mins.

Have deleted most of the programs and software I used but still no difference. Also have checked fans including processor fan and all working fine - any other ideas?

  woodchip 21:28 01 May 2006

You say no Virus, But it's all the sign’s of one.

If you can use on the Net. Do some online scan's

click here

click here

click here

  skidzy 21:39 01 May 2006

Does the system run slow in safe mode ?

Have you considered that your ram maybe faulty.

Try these and see if you get an improvement.
click here
click here
click here

Reboot and post back.Sorry if you have already tried these.
Good luck

  matt-few 21:58 01 May 2006


  matt-few 22:02 01 May 2006


Woodchip, I use F-Secure Internet Security and A/Virus 2006, no viruses found but using an online scanner now to have a second check.

Skidzy, thanks for the links but have already tried them (as already had the software or similar on my computer until earlier today when I uninstalled them - to see if that would help.

I thought at first it might of been the fans, but now realise it's not. Now that I am using the machine more tonight, it hasn't shutdown once.

Could it be when left idle for say 10 mins or more it shutsdown unannounced!!

I hadn't thought of the memory but will test it when virus scanner has finished.

  woodchip 22:08 01 May 2006

You should only have one AV on your hard drive

  skidzy 22:11 01 May 2006

Just a thought Matt,have you checked your processes....just to see if any thing is hogging the system resource's.
ctrl+alt+delete....I would guess your cpu usage to be around 4-20%...just a guess though.

  matt-few 22:12 01 May 2006

I only have one a/v software installed on my hard drive. The online scanner will not interfere with my installed a/c software?

  woodchip 22:14 01 May 2006

No the Online scan is OK

  mammak 22:18 01 May 2006

as woodchip sugested do all these online scans but before doing this disable anything else you have on board that is vital as the conflicts could be a disaster.

  matt-few 22:43 01 May 2006

I was doing an online a/v scan as Woodchip suggested, but machine shutdown again (just powered down), so I am restarting the scan again.

Although, when I originally restarted the machine, I lost my internet connection again (my network card did not show in network communications box and two monitors on taskbar had disappeared. Unplugged modem, restarted pc and powered up modem 5 mins later and working again now - but how long will my machine last for this time!!!

Thanks for all your help so far

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