pc not working help plz!!!!

  ugy101 17:53 30 Jun 2004

my os is windows xp proc is amd athlon ram 256 mb, my PC has stopped working for some reason, the last time it work was when i did a C drive check on my PC, then it stops at the black screen where is shows pc hardware info , it also says at the bottom disk read error occured press ctrl+alt+del to restart PC i do this but after that is keepns on showing this page after restart, does any one know whats wrong?

  hugh-265156 18:04 30 Jun 2004

im not sure sorry.

do you mean you ran chkdsk? if so were there any errors or bad sectors reported at the end of the scan?

can you enter your bios and check the hard drive is recognised here and set to the first boot device. also check there is no floppy disks or cdrs in the other drives when you switch on.

  ugy101 18:06 30 Jun 2004

yeah i mean that nothing is on my pc no disks or cds when i ran it, it said there was a error on my c drive and then i got the messenage how do i get in to bios mode?

  hugh-265156 18:10 30 Jun 2004

the post screen that it freezes on should tell you. will say something like 'press F2 to enter set up or similar' sometimes it is the del, F1 keys etc, depends on make of motherboard or manufacturer of system.

  ugy101 18:15 30 Jun 2004

i can get in 2 bios mode but dont know what 2 do there?

  hugh-265156 18:17 30 Jun 2004

second thoughts

don't worry about checking the boot device priority as this wont change unless you have changed it. as you asked how to enter the bios i doubt you did this.

in the general menu under 'primary ide' or similar does it list your hard drive or say not connected or similar?

  ugy101 18:23 30 Jun 2004

it has my hard drive listed

  hugh-265156 18:23 30 Jun 2004

if it says not connected maybe the drive is dead or the ide cable is faulty.

if your drive is listed here and shown as connected then if you have a windows xp cdrom boot from it and run the recovery console maybe.

how to do this click here try using the 'chkdsk /p' command and see if it reports any errors

  hugh-265156 18:26 30 Jun 2004

if all goes well try to start windows

if it still doesnt work try the recovery console again and this time try typing 'fixboot'

if that doesnt work try 'fdisk /mbr'

all i can think of trying sorry apart from trying to format and reinstall windows or running a repair install.

  ugy101 18:27 30 Jun 2004

dam i dont have a boot disk ne reasons why drive is dead?

  ugy101 18:32 30 Jun 2004

how do i create a boot disk? can my mate do one for me if he has xp?

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