PC not working after plugging in 1040 cards.

  Digit 15:39 10 Sep 2005

Hi Bought myself a BT 2100 Wireless ADSL Router and BT voyager and 1040 cards,

I loaded up the soft wear then placed the 1040 card in the slot switched on the PC one blink of the red light on the PC and then nothing.

I removed the card tried switching on still nothing after few minuets tried switching on and all was well.

Tried the card in another slot same thing happened.
After a couple of minuets it started up again but I had removed the card.

Next I plugged the router cable in (Just realized it may not reach the BT2100 Router) but it did reach removed it and the PC now has a blank screen and just the red and green light on only way to switch of the PC is at the back of it.

I was wondering if I should have left the card in and if this is the problem.

When the PC is on the fans and DVD ROM doors open and that’s it.

I took all precautions with wrist strap.

I have since popped the card in my old PC hasn’t bothered it at all only problem there is it hasn’t got an Ethernet card.

I have one card left so any help would be appreciated.

Rang the manufactures and they said I shouldn’t have a compatibility problem.


  LastChip 23:11 11 Sep 2005

Are you getting a boot screen?

Are you getting a single beep when you first turn the machine on?

Normally with a PCI card, you install the hardware first and then load the software - not the other way around as you indicated in your post, unless your installation guide specifically says otherwise.

  Digit 08:23 12 Sep 2005

Hi thanks for the reply yes software first then hard wear.

Sorry I forgot to say the only possible way to fit the card was with the Aril inside the PC,
I fit the card the other way round.

All blanking plates are used up.

I should have asked if this was OK before installing.

I will wait to here from you before I give it another go or some one else to say yea or nay.

The PC was working right up to the point before I plugged the cable into Ethernet card at this time it was not connected to the router.

I will have the same problem with one other PC of the same make seems I have got the wrong router.

As I said in my last post it fits OK in my old PC


  Digit 08:25 12 Sep 2005

Forgot to say No Beep

  Digit 09:45 12 Sep 2005

Anyone Know if you can buy an adapter for the BT 2100 that will fit into a USB port.

Running XP

Screen is blank as if not switched on.


  LastChip 10:15 12 Sep 2005

"I forgot to say the only possible way to fit the card was with the Aril inside the PC, I fit the card the other way round."

The card you quoted is a PCI slot card and I have never seen a card like that fitted with the aerial inside and the other way around. If all the blanking plates are used, how did you fit it at all?

If you have managed to fit it in an incorrect slot or in an alternative position, who knows what damage you have caused. Frankly, I can't imagine how you could have done that. Please explain further.

If you can tell us the make and model of the computer, we may be able to look at a manual to see what you may have done. Better still, if you know which motherboard you are dealing with, we can probably go straight to it.

  Digit 14:30 12 Sep 2005

ATI PCI Express
ATI rs400/rx400+sb400 Chipset
I have reference booklet is the above of any use.

one other thing the PCI slot is devided into two sections wheres the card is not its devided into three sections.

slot ------ --------------------

card ------ ------- -----------

  Taff36 15:24 12 Sep 2005

Good grief! Is this a wind up?

  Sans le Sou 22:19 12 Sep 2005

He has shoved it in a graphics slot I bet and now its FUBAR.

  Taff36 22:53 12 Sep 2005

Hope we`ve not embarrassed!

Sans le Sous What`s FUBAR? I`ve heard of FUBB but not that one. Send me a personal message if it`s really not postable!

  Sans le Sou 09:07 13 Sep 2005

F....d Up Beyond All Recognition. I wonder If he realises you have to unscrew the antenna before it fits in the hole. There is a notch in the 1040 so I cannot see how it can be inserted as a mirror image.

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