pc not working

  eddyjack 17:23 20 Apr 2006

my pc went off just like a fuse had blown checked fuses all ok renewed power lead with one i know is ok but still no joy pc has no power anyone got any idea what else it could be thanks

  the3musketeers 17:48 20 Apr 2006

Well, from the little information I have, I would theorise that it could be that you have overloaded the CPU, how old is your PC, what OS is it running, what spec is your PC and what were you doing at the time? You might have accidently overloaded it. This might have been becasue you upgraded something on your computer but forgot about making sure that your current heatsink/fan was capable of dealing with it. What I am saying next I doubt very much, seeing as you have come to this forum without a clue as to why it has happened, were you overclocking your PC? I already know your answer, but you do sometimes get people who are doing something like this, think they have come up with a solution for every eventuallity, and then something happens, and they are "possitive" that what they were doing was not the problem becasue they had counter measures in place. Why not open up your Case and take a poke around inside, don't touch anything unless you know what you are doing, just see if nothing looks burnt or looks strange and out of place. I do hope I am wrong and that it is something else that has caused it, something relatively cheap.

  martytoon 18:23 20 Apr 2006

You say you've checked fuses - have you checked to make sure there's power coming from the wall socket. Always worth eliminating the obvious first!

It could be the PCs power supply unit has died or it could be just a case of a loose wire in the PC. Check to make sure that all the leads comming from the PSU are firmly attached to the mobo, drives etc.

Let us know what happens.

  chub_tor 19:22 20 Apr 2006

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  eddyjack 20:21 20 Apr 2006

i was doing somethimg i have done dozens of times before, compressing i have checked the fuses i know about the one in the lead plug have changed the lead to one i know works my pc is a AMDathlon KT6delta motherboard msi kt600 400watt psu ram512 ddr333 hard disk120GB 7200rpm cpu 3000txp

  eddyjack 23:09 20 Apr 2006

tried changing power supply lead to one that i no definitely works still nothing

  terryf 07:23 21 Apr 2006

I had an internal fuse blow for no apparent reason inside my PSU. This is a wired in (soldered in) fuse that is not normally replaceable as it is usually a slo-blo type, ONLY IF you are competent to do so and you have a meter it is possible to dis-assemble the PSU and sometimes you can see that the fuse has blown or you can check it for continuity. Beware that although the PSU is dis-connected, there may be capacitors in there that will still have a charge on them. The only solution is a new PSU. I replaced mine and all was OK

  wee eddie 07:32 21 Apr 2006

Try plugging something else into the socket before you go any further, say, a lamp.

  eddyjack 10:07 21 Apr 2006

thanks for your replies unfotunately i wouldnt know where too start changing an internal fuse.But i am going to try the plug socket now hopefully it is ,and not my computer ,thanks again.

  Micky 494 22:49 01 May 2006

Sounds like your Power Supply Unit (PSU) may have failed. Can you hear any fans running? Do you get any led's lit on power up and do you hear any beeps from your PC? Does your PSU have an ON/OFF switch? If so check that it hasn't been accidentally switched off, it's usually located next to where the main supply cable plugs in. Take heed of precaution mentioned by terryf as onboard capacitors in the PSU can pack a hefty kick even when the power is turned off, if in doubt leave power off for 10 mins before touching anything, this should allow any capacitors time to discharge. A common fault associated with PSU failure is failure of the PSU fan itself. When the fan fails it allows the PSU to overheat which eventually results in failure. Easiest check might be to replace the PSU with a known healthy one if possible. Good luck.

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