PC Not starting.

  jimox 22:59 23 Feb 2003

i upgraded my mainboard, graphics card & memory.i kept the old kit & bought a new case & cd-rom, & using an old floppy,mouse & keyboard tried to make a 2nd pc for the kids.Problem - at 1st boot up BIOS didnt detect hard drive or cd rom,this was probably my fault-i had putthe hard drive & cd on the same ribbon cable (they were both going to IDE 1).I then put the cd rom to IDE2 & switched back on but this time thepc didnt even try to boot - the monitor powered down and the pc sounded a beep code(2 short beeps a slight pause then another short beep)I switched off, checked everything & switched back on several times but now i dont even get the beep codes.The cpu & graphics fans spin,there is a green led under the hard drive that is lit for about 5 secs, but the power & hard drive leds on the case arent lit & if I keep the power switch pressed in the pc shuts off.I thought i was getting good at this pc stuff but this was fairly ambitious for me and now im totally stumped,can anyone please help? signed - baffled jim.

  eccomputers 23:30 23 Feb 2003

I would do the following....
remove the graphic card and reseat it.
Something in your pc isnt making good contact.

Also, Check the bios has the right settings for the hard drive. If there is an auto detect option, go for that.

You can by the way have the cd-rom connected to ide1 you just have to change the jumper on the back of it to the slave position (SL).

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