PC not starting up

  skizee 13:40 25 Mar 2008

I hope someone can advise me on this.

50% of the time when i switch on the pc it does nothing, the 'thinking' light doesnt come on and the screen wont come out of sleep mode. it doesnt respond to the mouse or keyboard, the only thing to do is to turn it off and re-start. it sometimes does this 2 or 3 times in a row and then will start up normally. the shop says they can find nothing wrong with it! i have only had the thing a couple of weeks and it has always done this. i am not on the internet as yet so it cant be a virus.

  ACOLYTE 14:21 25 Mar 2008

I used to have a problem like that with a pc,i found out the cause was i had 2 drives set as master,i altered one to slave and it sorted the problem that was 2 HDD not mixed drives.
I dont know if yours would be that as you say its quite new,only other thing is the on/off switch might be faulty or a lose connection on the mobo?.If you have only had it a couple of weeks then i would tell the shop your problem and ask that they look further into it.

  Gongoozler 14:43 25 Mar 2008

"50% of the time when i switch on the pc it does nothing". Do you mean that there is no reaction at all from the computer - no sound, beeps, drive activity or anything?

  xania 14:52 25 Mar 2008

When the shop says they can find nothing wrong, does this mean that the PC never fails to switch on when they have it, or just they don't know why its doing this. If its the latter (as I suspect) then don't accept this excuse - the PC is not fit for purpase and must be replaced or get your money back. If, however, by some strange circumstance, your PC only fails at home, then you can only suspect the power socket is faulty (I assume you're using the same cable?)

  skizee 15:33 25 Mar 2008

sorry but i am an IT novice!

the times when i switch the PC on and nothing happens:

the on/off light is on but the 'thinking' light doesnt come on and no start up noise comes from the pc. i have changed the surge protector just in case it was a power issue and it is still the same. the speakers are fine and the actual power to the monitor is fine. it just doesnt seem to be connecting with the PC on the occasions when it refuses to start up. i get no response from the keyboard or mouse, so i turn the pc off.

there are then 3 different scenarios.
1. it does the same thing again
2. it starts up normally
3. it starts up but says there is an 'overclocking' error and gives the message
f1 to setup and f2 (cant remember exactly what it says) but i use this option as going into setup looked very scary. the f2 option just started up the pc.

the man at the shop said he couldnt find anything wrong, even though he had it for 3 days. i feel really stupid going back to him, but there must be something wrong.

  xania 15:52 25 Mar 2008

If I believe you (and I do) means I don't beleive the man in the shop. I suggest you take it back, get him to set it up in front of you and show him what's going on. Then he can't deny its not working, or he can show you what you are doing wrong. I always remember the old story about the woman whose car was always giving trouble but the garage could find no fault. When garage and driver got together, the problem was soon resolved - seems she was pulling the choke out as a handbag hanger.


  Gongoozler 17:34 25 Mar 2008

If 50% of the time the computer completely fails to start, it won't take long to demonstrate the failure to "the man in the shop".
By the way, the "thinking light" is probably the hard drive activity light. It tells you that the computer is reading data from the hard drive. When the computer is booting up, this light indicates that Windows is loading.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:09 25 Mar 2008

What devices do you have plugged into it?

Having things like a flash drive or a printer switched on before the PC is switched on can do this sort of thing.

Only firing up some of the time on an old PC is signs of a failing PSU but as yours is new then PSU should be good.

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