Toria 19:29 31 Mar 2005

When I switch on my PC, it Boots Up and all the icons come up on screen and the Status Bar, the cursor moves around the screen and that's it, I can then not do anything else, if I click nothing happens. Can anyone help?

  lotvic 19:44 31 Mar 2005

Is it just your mouse that is the problem?
check that the lead is plugged in properly.

Does the keyboard work?
press the 'Windows logo' key on the keyboard to bring up the start menu and then use the direction arrows to navigate.

  Toria 19:34 01 Apr 2005

My mouse is working OK, as it is booting up I can click on a Canel Box for another user when I press the Windows Logo nothing happens. It is just locked I can't do anything with it - anymore ideas?

I did have another response to my thread from someone calle Jak but I can't find it, perhaps he/she could send the thread again.

  Storik 19:44 01 Apr 2005

What operating system are you using?

You could try removing the mouse from the control panel - use the cursor keys on your keyboard (if these work, the problem is probably your mouse)and remove your mouse from your system in control panel.

Reboot and see if it works then. It's worth a try, don't you think?


  Technotiger 19:55 01 Apr 2005

Hi, if you click on View Your Postings, above, then you should be able to find the reponse from Jak.


  EdFrench 19:58 01 Apr 2005

How long have you waited for a response to clicking and selecting?
It could be that you have a fault in one of your programs which is cuasing a delay in the boot/initiation process.
Have you recently installed something?

  woodchip 19:59 01 Apr 2005

Try starting in Safe mode, by keep pressing F8 as computer boots and then choose safe Mode. If it works OK in safe mode then it is a Driver problem. You can go to Start/Run and type MSCONFIG go to startup tab remove ticks from box's restart in normal mode to see if it works, then if it does put a tick back one at a time and test until you find the culprit

  lotvic 00:46 02 Apr 2005

We need more details

Q: is it XP home or XP pro

Q: is it just your user account that doesn't work or all of them.

Q: tell us blow by blow what happens after you boot up and O/S loads and desktop appears.

Q: tell us if you have installed or uninstalled anything

Q: are you able to start in Safe mode, as suggested by woodchip

  Toria 20:43 04 Apr 2005

I have followed the instructions given to me by woodchip and I have managed to get it working again, it took a while there were 3 items that caused it to lock, 2 I have tried again and it is still working, the last one was ZoneAlarm I have not tried it again yet. I have Windows98. When I switch on it goes through all the normal procedures, all the icons appear on the desk top when I try to click on any of the items, even the Start, nothing happens but the mouse pointer I can see moving all over the screen. I did install a programme (silly me) it was a lotto programme and if I remember correctly when was the problem started, I have deleted it now. I have been able to start in Safe mode, which I have done several times since as I was ticking through each item to see if the computer was OK. I have not tried it yet by clicking the ZoneAlarm, I will try it tomorrow and see if the same problem happens. I am sorry I have not responded to the thread sooner.

  Toria 18:49 05 Apr 2005

Good Evening All, I have just tried the MSCONFIG and gone to StartUp and ticked the box for ZoneAlarm and that is the cause of why my PC stops responding, so what do I do now? It means that I have no Firewall Protection doesn't it? It always used to work, so I don't understand why this has started happening. Any advice please? Thanks very much.

  Technotiger 18:52 05 Apr 2005

Hi, if you are having problems with ZA, do as I did - I switched to click here also free.


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