PC not reacting at boot

  geoff47 14:55 05 Feb 2012

My PC has been slowing up when I start up. This morning I had to restart several times before I could do anything. I get no reaction when clicking on icons or using the keyboard, and I mean nothing, no pointer changing to a hand, no icon re-colouring, nothing. Right clicking has no reaction. I am using XP professional and have Commodo and Avast running. Could it be a bug or virus of some kind ?

  Bris 15:53 05 Feb 2012

Is it still the same if you boot into safe mode?

  geoff47 16:04 05 Feb 2012

I haven't tried that as yet, what would be the benefit at this stage ?

  lotvic 16:08 05 Feb 2012

First thing I would do is check that the cables are fully inserted in the ports it sounds as if the pc is not recognising they are attached.

  geoff47 16:22 05 Feb 2012

I have just rebooted to see what happens. The PC rebooted straight into windows, and apart from the normally prolonged wait before anything is accessible, there was no obvious problem.

Could this be something to do with the temperature ? This PC is in an extremely cold position, against an external wall, in a room with no over night heating. After running for an hour or so, it has rebooted without trouble.

  Bris 16:27 05 Feb 2012

Geoff. I think you have hit the nail on the proverbial head. HDDs definitely do not like the cold neither does anything mechanical not to mention the rest.

  geoff47 16:45 05 Feb 2012

Thank goodness, I have just been told it's over five year old and to retrieve all my data and renew the machine. It was a particularly cold night last night, I shall have to wrap it up in future.

  Bris 16:56 05 Feb 2012

Geoff. Glad you got it sorted. Ideally it should be kept at room temperature. Dont forget to back up your data as its not a case of "if" it breaks its "when" especially if its knocking on a bit. It can be heart stopping when you realise you have lost all your data as you have no doubt discovered.

  finerty 03:07 06 Feb 2012

i thought computers ran faster in the cold

  Les28 08:40 06 Feb 2012

I hope its sorted itself out Geoff, must admit I thought pc's like it better when it's cool, but perhaps not that cool , maybe it's just a question of degree!

Just wondered what Comodo product you were using in addition to Avast? Is it the firewall or the internet security package? You can sometimes get conflicts when two similar products unnecessarily try to do the same job at the same time, that's one of the reasons why starting up in safe mode is recommended, as third party startup items aren't loaded in safe mode, so if windows loads fairly quickly into safe mode it can indicate perhaps having a look at normal mode startup items.

The normally prolonged wait you mention at startup could possibly indicate too many unneeded items loading at startup, or perhaps a security product doing a scan at startup, another reason for seeing how quick a safe mode start is.

However if everythings OK now fine, by the way my pc is over six years old, I do back up my data, but I'm not renewing the machine yet, fingers crossed!

  Bris 10:16 06 Feb 2012

Electronics like it cold but not mechanical bits especially the HDD as its a high precision item that is susceptible to expansion & contraction as the temperature varies, also these parts are lubricated and the viscosity of the lubricant changes with temperature and its especially noticeable as a drive gets older.

Having had problems with HDDs in the past due to the cold I always acclimatize a disc for a couple of hours before running it up just to be on the safe side.

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