PC not powering up PSU OK

  poph 21:07 06 Jun 2008

I am having trouble with checking power progress through motherbord. When I switch power on nothing happens, no fans or lights. I want to eliminate the front power switch but I have pulled out the tiny plugs off the motherboard and did not make a note of where they go, I have no manuals. The motherboard is MSI-MS 6741-1.0. Would appreciate if someone out there could tell me what plugs go where.

  Joe R 21:12 06 Jun 2008
  Technotiger 21:18 06 Jun 2008

The tiny plugs are usually marked, like Pwr, Snd, Sw etc, and the motherboards are also usually marked similarly - you may need a magnifying glass though.
I am not familiar with the mobo and can't find anything decent about it on Google.

It does appear to me though, that the problem is the PSU, can you try another PSU? Even without the tiny plugs in place, you should have some indication of power to the drives etc.

  poph 21:33 06 Jun 2008

Thank you Joe R I'll try and get manuals from site.
Thank you Technotiger, I have installed a new PSU as I suspected the old one initially. It seems I did not need to get a new one but can make use of it to upgrade an old PC. I can get the old and the new PSUs to get "alive" by shorting the green wire and a black on the 20 pin plug.

  woodchip 21:39 06 Jun 2008

Try removing the Hard Drive Cables from drive, then see if it will go to BIOS

  poph 21:41 06 Jun 2008

Thanks woodchip I'll try later and keep you posted.

  woodchip 21:49 06 Jun 2008

A Dud Drive can stop the Computer starting all together, it did with one I got from PCworld. They tried it and it did the same for them So they swapped it

  poph 16:03 07 Jun 2008

Joe R, I have now downloaded trouble shooting chart from the link you kindly suggested, my next approach is to go through MSI info. Still "no go".

  Joe R 16:15 07 Jun 2008


manual download here. click here

  poph 01:03 17 Jun 2008

The fault turned out to be on the motherboard, installing a replacement resolved the problem. Thank you all for all your hints and help.

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