PC not functioning after thunder storm

  harleyd 12:29 08 Aug 2005

Hi, I wonder if any one can help me. We recently had a bad thunder storm which evidently 'burnt out' my broadband modem (now replaced) shortly afterwards my PC (windows 2000) gave up the ghost (blue screen etc). Ive since mangaged to get it functioning of sorts in safe mode, but I'm not sure what to do from here. Can anyone help please?

Also can you confirm that if I burn my photographs/documents to disc and everytime I open that disc do they copy back onto my hard drive (I'm rapidly running out of HD space)

Many thanks

  mattyc_92 12:47 08 Aug 2005

1) Have you tried re-installing Windows?

2) They wont be copied onto your system, unless you manually select copy

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:58 08 Aug 2005

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  961 13:00 08 Aug 2005

Before you do anything else install a surge protector which includes a connection for your telephone line and, if appropriate, your tv co-ax cable

More often than not it is the phone line rather than the power supply that fries your components

If the computer was on at the time of the storm it is possible that your software has been corrupted. If you can check that all the components are working then as suggested, a reinstall may fix things

  pk470 13:05 08 Aug 2005

Sounds like your MOBO is damaged,did you have a surge protector?? not sure what you mean functioning of sorts!!
You could try a full OS reinstall i know thats a pain with W2000 as it is a pig but since SP4 came out it doesn't seem as bad if not slow even on broardband to download and install.

  p;3 13:09 08 Aug 2005

may I also suggest a good practice; of always disconnect your modem cable from the pc during a storm,; my practice now is to even disconnect while the machine is off even if I am at home;now part of the routine of powering up or off; just a thought for you:)

  VCR97 20:51 08 Aug 2005

p;3 is correct. A surge protector should not be relied on to protect against lightning. Typical lightning stroke: 100 megavolts at 30 kiloamps.

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