PC not booting up first time

  rickus 05:58 18 Aug 2007

This has been happening for a couple of weeks on my desktop.

About half the time it boots up OK. Other times I can hear the fan and I think the hard drive but there is no beep and nothing else happens. I then have to switch it off at the mains and it usually boots up at the next attempt, sometimes the 3rd or 4th.

I have read elsewhere that a faulty motherboard or CPU or a loose connection can be the problem. Not sure if that explains this being sporadic.

Just in case this is relevant -
For several months I have had problems shutting down. Originally this was just the shutdown process being slow (I think the more I have done in a session the slower it is.) This then got worse as hitting Start/Turn Off Computer was taking ages to bring up the box with the shutdown/restart options. I have now resorted to shutting it down by bringing up the task manager and using the shutdown option on there - it still takes an age after that) Sometimes when I am in a hurry and it appears to be waiting with the Shutting Down Windows message I have resorted to switching it off at the mains - last night I left it to shutdown slowly on its own but still had the not booting up problem this morning.

Any ideas please?

  harps1h 07:59 18 Aug 2007

this could be a number of things here. i would look at the power supply, as it maybe on its way out and that is why the neccesity to keep restarting. saying that it doesn't explain the slow shutdowns. one thing i would say is never turn the computer off at the switch before it has turned off completely or you will end up with a corrupted drive and it will not boot at all. at this stage the first thing i would be doing is backing up all my important information in case such a thing happens. then i would reformat the drive and put a clean install of the OS and that will probably get rid off the slow shutdown, as it is hard to discover what is holding it up.
before you do anything apart from the backup you need to post the system details.

i would also note what processes you have running as there maybe something there that is slowing the shutdown sequence there. to do this click "cnrl, alt, del" on your keyboard to bring up the task manager where the proceeses can be accessed.

post back all the above info and somebody may give a solution


  rickus 10:19 26 Aug 2007

Thank you for the reply harps1h - apologies for not responding more quickly.

Have tried a few things - but what I have just done seems to have worked. Surprisingly (to me) all I did was take out, clean up and put back the memory. The PC has now booted up first time twice, runs quicker and allowed a normal shut down.

  harps1h 19:13 26 Aug 2007

that could well be true as dust ia an enemy of computers!
good to see to got there y yourself......it inspires confidence

  woodchip 19:55 26 Aug 2007

Me I think you have a Faulty motherboard. The Post beep confirms that it's not getting the 5 volts signal back from Mobo component

  rickus 20:21 26 Aug 2007

Interesting - it did not boot until the third attempt next time I turned it on.
I had been advised to up the voltage on a couple of BIOS settings last week. Did that with no obvious benefit so they are back where they were. Might it help if I set them even higher or would that have no effect on the signal coming back from the Mobo?

  woodchip 20:32 26 Aug 2007

If you changed Volts on CPU, that may have created a Faulty CPU

  rickus 11:43 31 Aug 2007

"Have tried a few things - but what I have just done seems to have worked. Surprisingly (to me) all I did was take out, clean up and put back the memory. The PC has now booted up first time twice, runs quicker and allowed a normal shut down."

After a short while things went back to the way they had been - not booting first time, slow in use and shutdown.

I then moved the memory to the other slot and the same thing happened - i.e. much better for a short while and then back to as things were.

Would a reasonable deduction be that this is a memory problem? If so, does it sound like it is a hardware problem with the memory itself, something else causing the memory to become unreliable once it has been in use or something else entirely?

What should be my next step?

  woodchip 16:11 31 Aug 2007

Memory or Motherboard Problem, It may be bad memory slots

  woodchip 16:12 31 Aug 2007

If you have two sticks of Memory, try it with one at a time. Change slots

  rickus 10:12 01 Sep 2007

Thanks woodchip
I only have one stick and it does the same thing in each slot - i.e. works fine for a while then reverts to the way it was - hence my thoughts that it is either a fault on the stick or something is causing a fault on it.

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