PC not booting up

  richierich 07:47 18 Feb 2003

Previously when I switched machine on, the fans were spinning but no hard drive activity no beeps or anyring.
I tested hard drive in another machine, OK.
I replaced motherboard, Now I hear a bit of hard drive activity but then nothing more happens.
The motherboard is brand new, the hard drive is ok. Is it likely to be the Processor ((celeron 400).
Ive tested, hard drive, monitor, RAM and disk drives they are OK.
Any suggestions please.

  MAJ 07:56 18 Feb 2003

Try a different PSU.

  richierich 08:00 18 Feb 2003

MAJ-As power seems to be getting in and powering the drives and fans is this really likely.

  vaughan007 08:54 18 Feb 2003

I dont think it is likely to be PSU either. But it is possible, so may be worth a go.

  Elrond 08:59 18 Feb 2003

It could be a possibility as it does seem like theres no power going into the HDD from its connector. Definately worth the try.

  jazzypop 09:06 18 Feb 2003
  richierich 09:10 18 Feb 2003

Maybe I didnt make it clear, there is power getting to the harddrive, I can hear it clicking away for a few seconds,and the cd drive flickers a bit. But then nothing comes on screen (yes i have tested monitor),
I have tried another PSU same thing. The only thing I can think of to try now is the processor, I will have to try it in another machine. Any other suggestions welcome.

  jazzypop 09:14 18 Feb 2003

The link I gave you above is an interactive troubleshooter. Occasionally, the site slows down a little (due to heavy usage). Be patient, and the next question / answer will appear in the right-hand frame.

  MAJ 09:21 18 Feb 2003

When troubleshooting something like this, richierich, I usually start at the beginning. Obviously the fuse and plug are okay, next in line is the PSU, because it is powering up doesn't always mean that it is supplying power at the correct rate to the correct parts of the motherboard. I've had the best results by building the computer outside the case and working from there, that eliminates any chance of a short between m/b and case. Follow jazzypop's link and see if you can come up with anything, if you can't then try building outside the case, with the minimum requirements, PSU, m/b, RAM, Graphics card and harddrive and check all cables as you go along.

  richierich 09:24 18 Feb 2003

Thanks JaJazzypop and Maj, I will work through the Guide later and see if it helps, looks good though.

  calwyn 10:22 19 Feb 2003

Remember that the psu delivers several differing voltages, so it could still be at fault if just one isnt working.

I repaired a pc just last week which had a very simmillar sounding problem, and it was the processor which was dead.
Try unplugging all cards, and drive + usb cables from motherboard.
If it dont beep when swiched on, it is ram, processor, motherboard,or power supply

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