pc non starter

  clapped 10:48 18 Oct 2005

Hi peeps i have a big problem when i turn on my pc the fans start up and lights come on but nothing else not even bios on screen mon okay grafics ok psu okay any ideas? thanks.regards

  wee eddie 10:54 18 Oct 2005

Any notice on the screen - such as "no signal"?

  clapped 10:55 18 Oct 2005

no nothing

  clapped 10:58 18 Oct 2005

I tried resetting the bios and replacing batt but still nothing.

  Methedrine 12:09 18 Oct 2005

Obvious, I know but make sure the monitor is plugged in and switched on, make sure graphics card is seated correctly (if it's a pci or agp card). Make sure monitor lead doesn't have a bent pin and is connected securely.

  DieSse 12:21 18 Oct 2005

Disconnect the system from the mians - take out eack plug-in item in turn, and refit, making sure they're pushed well home into their sockets.

First - RAM
Next - Graphics card, is there is one
Next - other cards
Last Processor.

A variety of things can cause these symptoms, including dud RAM and motherboard - the only way to prove what it is is by substitution.

  jack 14:09 18 Oct 2005

Tried all the above!
But you say nothing on Screen
How then do you know the items mentioned are OK?
If it is a CRT monitor go to each of the brightness/contrast/other variac controls and give each a little 'twitch'
When these rotary controls are set in one place for a long time - the contacts will 'burn' themselves
out.A small shift to a new spot is often enough to bring all back to life.

  clapped 16:28 18 Oct 2005

because they are fine on the pc i am using now.

  jack 17:39 18 Oct 2005

So you tried the bits on another machine -fine
What about the Monitor? read the rest of the response

  wee eddie 19:26 18 Oct 2005

I think that this points us to a faulty MoBo

  clapped 20:33 18 Oct 2005

21" tft working fine

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