PC noisy when heavy processing

  ah1802 00:10 10 Mar 2007

I've had my computer for just over a year now, and during heavy processing the computer gets very noisy (meaning gthe fans), before it wernt doing this. I have tried putting a new PSU inside the computer but this hasnt helpped. Just wondering if there is anything else i could try.

  phono 00:38 10 Mar 2007

Have you checked that the fans and the CPU heatsink are all free of dust and fluff? It's amazing how much debris they get clogged with.

As most PC fans are speed controlled it is usual for them to spin faster as the temperature rises, as a rise in temperature is normal during heavy processing they will naturally revolve a lot faster, hence more noise due to the increased air flow.

It may also be that the bearings on one, or more, of the fans are starting to fail, this usually leads to a sort of growling sound coming from the fan(s) in question.

  ah1802 00:44 10 Mar 2007

thanks alot mate, i will have alook in a bit and let you know the latest.

  pjwheeldon 00:45 10 Mar 2007

On the subject of cleaning, if you have access to a JTF warehouse store in your area, they are doing 2 cans of air for £4.99, which is much cheaper than I have found elsewhere.

  terryf 03:59 10 Mar 2007

Use a rolled up 12" stiff paper tube to help you find which fan is noisy

  vinnyT 12:17 10 Mar 2007

If it is during heavy processing, then the culprit may not be one of your fans, but the hard drive reading/writing to the disk. This can be very noisy, and except for putting it in a sound dampening housing, there is little you can do.

  ah1802 14:12 10 Mar 2007

thank alot guys, i done what phono said and there was a lot of dust on the cpu fan so i unscrewed the fant on top and removed all the dust. this seems to solved my problem, just hope the annoying sound dont come back to soon.

  vinnyT 14:50 10 Mar 2007

If the pc is on the floor, try raising it a few inches off the carpet, this will reduce the amount of dust entering the system.

(Old yellow pages, or catalogues are good for this, just make sure that the pc is level and stable).

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