PC no longer booting up.

  Southcoast 09:39 17 Jul 2009

Hi all,

My fear is that inevitabley I will have to take my PC to someone for a second opinion, because I have no idea what is going on. I built my PC nearly 4 years ago, spec as follows:

Athlon 64 4000
1GB Corsair XMS
512MB GeForce 6800GS
2 x 74GB WD Raptor's
Hiper 580W PSU

I clean it regularly and I've been building PC's for around 10 years and never had any problems. I cleaned it yesterday and now it won't boot. Everything comes on, fans, GFX, HDD, everything - but the screen stays blank. I pulled it apart and rebuilt it, but no luck. There is no lose wiring. Tried removing RAM and the motherboard responds with regular long beeps. Tried a different HDD and no luck. I'm now just trying to boot up using Mobo, GFX card, CPU, and HDD. The one thing I did notice is the 74GB Raptor I have WinXP installed on boots up but normally after a few seconds it starts making a loud buzzing noise when booting up - this is no longer happening. If the HDD was defective then other HDD's would work, but they don't.

Really don't what to do! I will try rebuilding it to see if it was a lose wire, but I doubt it.

Any suggestions would be helpful, I'm looking to build a new PC but obviously won't until I know what is wrong with this one.

PS: 4 & 26-pin power sockets are plugged in, yes.

  howard64 09:54 17 Jul 2009

could the graphics card have died? I had this a year ago and just by chance put another card in and she booted. The graphics card had a short circuit on it found by examining with a magnifier.

  woodchip 09:54 17 Jul 2009

IF not something loose, seams strange as it's after you have been inside it. First thing to check would be with a known working PSU. As lights and fans mean nothing. does the graphics have it's own power supply plug is it in place and secure???????

  woodchip 09:57 17 Jul 2009

PS depending on how you cleaned it what you used may have blown something by your touching it. Only needs nano amp short etc

  woodchip 09:58 17 Jul 2009

And forgot to mention a Nylon Brush used for cleaning can destroy Electronics with Static charge

  ploughman39 10:16 17 Jul 2009

I am sure you have tried this but I would suggest the following.
On power-up do you get any display, I believe this should resolve a display problem.
If you have been building PC for sometime I am sure you will have access to previous Windows Floppy Boot Disks. This should remove the requirement of HD booting and will allow you to verify the HD with the 'ChkDisc' routine.
I appreciate that I am possibly teaching to suck eggs but I believe these suggestion only rely on BASIC hardware configuration.

  Diemmess 10:31 17 Jul 2009

I thought i had killed my PC a couple of weeks ago when cleaning the graphics card fan.
Fans but no drive light
Blank screen except for signs that the display couldn't make up its mind whether to respond as analogue or digital.
No sign of a POST test.

Panic ..... until I tried a replacement video lead from PC to monitor.... success.

It is possible you might have a broken conductor inside your video cable too?

  Jim_F 10:42 17 Jul 2009

First things first - does the POST test work - a single short beep from the internal speaker.

A second primary test is whether the floppy disk drive does a seek - a sort of grinding sound.

If this is OK so I'd then check the monitor - does it respond to the buttons on the front - does it indicate a PC connection at all - usually the LED will flicker - if not this could be something like a bent or broken pin on the VGA connector.

If you're still in trouble unplug all disks and remove all cards except the GFX and test from there - if this brings up the bios screen then you're back in business and can test by adding components one at a time. This will also eleiminate the possibility of a non-keyed drive cable connected upside down - been there, done that and got the T-shirt :)

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