PC New Build, no Post

  54david27 10:55 01 Jan 2007

Hi all, just built myself a new PC base unit using a ASROCK AliveNF6G-DV with AMD4200 x2 & 1 x 1GB ram. The problem is 2 fold 1, no VGA signal to monitor and 2, no POST but if I remove the ram I get 3 beeps for post but still no VGA signal. My question is could both these problems be caused by faulty ram or do I have 2 different problems. All help and comments appreciated. Thanks and a happy new year to all.

  54david27 08:06 02 Jan 2007


  slimbo51 08:59 02 Jan 2007

No VGA signal is often caused by the graphics card not being seated correctly, (assuming its not onboard graphics).

Some ram chips are not compatable with the M/Board, have built several which would not go to post until I changed the ram for a different Manf.

Does your Proc fan run up ok and are there lights on the M/Board at power up, if so PSU looks to be ok.

  54david27 09:08 02 Jan 2007

thanks for the rereply and good morning Slimbo, using on board graphics, the cpu and case fan spins up and also the DVD drive is accessed and the HDD access led comes on, on the front panel. I will try replacing the Ram and see what happens and post back.

  BrianW 09:15 02 Jan 2007

have you checked the VGA cable is OK? Its unlikely but is worth getting off the list of possible causes

  54david27 18:03 02 Jan 2007

problem solved by replacing the memory module as the one installed was faulty.

  54david27 18:06 02 Jan 2007

thanks all who replied

  ed-0 18:08 02 Jan 2007

Your original diagnosis was correct.

Got yourself a result. Well done.;-)

Tick as resolved?

  Legolas 19:20 02 Jan 2007

If a system I have built fails to boot I always go for the ram first as I have found this is often the problem. Some m/b just do not like certain ram especially cheap ram. I would not automatically class the ram as faulty I have had ram that refused to work on one m/b but worked on others, it can be very fickle.

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