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  Repentance 06:26 06 May 2008

So I have a problem with my computer and I was hoping someone could help me.
I was on the internet and everything was working fine when I get disconnected completly randomly from the network.
I thought connection had got lost or something and it reconnected itself again so I thought nothing of it.
The same thing happened again about five minutes later and it continued to repeat this process for about half an hour, and then it changed saying I wasn't connected but I was still able to access the internet and files which I thought pretty odd.
Now it won't let me connect at all.
I've tried restarting my computer.
It starts connecting to my home network but then it looses connection completly and can't find it.
It's not a problem with the router as the laptop and family PC is working fine it's just my one which has this problem.
I've run anti virus scans three times but it hasn't picked anything up.
Any help or advise anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated.

  Repentance 06:45 06 May 2008

I've read to do the ipconfig which I have run and instead of all the numbers that are supposed to appear it comes up with

Media State.... Media Disconnected

Which has only confused me more.

  mgmcc 07:39 06 May 2008

"Media Disconnected" indicates that the network adapter isn't connected to another network device (most commonly a router). Check that you don't have a loose connection, otherwise the problem might be:

a) a faulty cable.
b) a faulty network adapter.
c) a faulty port in the router (try a different one).

  Repentance 04:20 07 May 2008

Thanks for your advice.
I don't see how it could be the network adapter h which is the problem though because I can still access it normally from the laptop and the second computer.
Any other ideas as to what it could be?

  OK Computer 12:30 08 May 2008

When mgmcc says "network adapte"r he/she is referring to the adapter in your PC that could be the problem, not your router/modem.

Have you tried a different cable, that sounds the most likely cause. Media disconnected, for me a least, hints at a hardware problem.

  Repentance 09:20 10 May 2008

Oh I see thanks for pointing that out.
Somehow after fiddling about with the damn thing for hours I managed to at least get ipconfig to say for everything instead of media disonnected.
I can now at least see my home network but connecting to it is another story.
I tried ipconfig/renew and it came up with An error occured while renewing iterface Wireless Connection: Unable to contact your DHCP server. Request timed out.
Can someone please explain to me what that means.

  Repentance 09:36 10 May 2008

The only line I am having trouble now with on ipconfig is my ip address.
It continues to show up as
ipaddress: ?
I did a ping test and it came back ok so I still don't really know how to get an ip address there

  m4819 11:18 10 May 2008

have you checked that you have the latest firmware for your adaptor this sometimes helps

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