PC needing more than one or two clicks to activate

  Vulcan 12:08 01 Jun 2009

I'm getting extremely angry with my six-year-old Dell 8250 desktop, which is becoming more sluggish by the day. Many of the commands do not respond to one click, and often not two (both personal files and websites). Often have to right click and use “Open”. Even shutting down is a pain in the posterior, requiring THREE clicks on "Start" and "Turn Off Computer" instead of the usual one. This has been going on for about two months or more. Occasionally the comp runs at flash speed, with no probs whatsoever, but more and more the sluggishness is making life a misery. I run Avast Anti Virus & Super Anti Spyware at least once a week and PC Pitstop Optimize almost daily! Defrag not necessary. Brand new mouse. I’m beginning to wonder if it could be the hard drive starting to wind down. Tech: Pentium 4 (3.06GHz), 512 MB Ram, Windows XP Home (Service Pk 3 & auto updates), Seagate 1TB in-line ext hard drive as back-up. Mozilla Firefox. Any ideas, folks? I'm becoming very frustrated...

  ambra4 13:18 01 Jun 2009

“Tech: Pentium 4 (3.06GHz), 512 MB Ram”

First thing I would do is run the following programs to clean out all the junk files that is slowing

down your machine.

Advanced System Care Free

click here

TuneUp Utilities 2009

click here

Free Registry Defrag/Compact (Freeware)

click here

“Defrag not necessary”

Don’t understand why no defrag needed, would suggest that you download and run you will be

surprised how bad your hard drive is defragged

Auslogics Disk Defrag 2.0

click here

Plus I would increase the memory to a minimum of 1GB

Do a scan at Crucial they will tell you the correct memory that you need

click here

  xania 13:31 01 Jun 2009

Also, 512 Mb of RAm is a bit low - I recommend a minimum of 1Gb - add this as a starter, and you should see a marked improvement.

aving said this, with a system that's already 6 year's old, I would recommend a more fundamental step. IMHO, reinstallation of the basic system is required. Make sure all your data etc is backed up, then closedown, and then reboot with the install DVD in the reader. This will automatically ask you if you want to wipe your old installation which you can accept. While you're at it, why not reduce the size of your C:\ drive so that you can store your data on a separate virtual (D:\) drive.

  keef66 15:01 01 Jun 2009

just to eliminate the basic stuff, have you tried a different mouse? Our pc was doing this for right clicks and I suspected software, but swapping to a different mouse sorted it!

If that doesn't work, I can heartily recommend the format / reinstall route. I just did that for our 7 year old XP desktop, and it's about doubled it's speed.

  Vulcan 22:53 01 Jun 2009

This takes some believing. You were right, Keef - it was the mouse! Brand new only a couple of months ago, this optical villain had been bought as a replacement for a faulty wired variety. Is nothing reliable any more? Many thanks for all your help, guys - and do keep smiling!

  woodchip 23:21 01 Jun 2009

If you are not editing photos and such 512mb ram is enough

  keef66 15:05 02 Jun 2009

Glad to be of help!

Woodchip's right; for XP 512mb ram is sufficient for all but proper photo editing and games that frequently load stuff from memory. Our XP pc just went from 1 gb back down to 768 mb due to a mobo replacement (2 ram slots vs 3 ram sticks)and it's made no appreciable difference to the day to day stuff at all.

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