User-178362 22:37 19 Sep 2006

Processes 48. I do not know what this means. TLC been a long time.

  sean-278262 23:31 19 Sep 2006

Processes means the active programs running. These include essential XP parts such as explorer. You know when that has a problem in that all you end up with is a mouse pointer and a wonderful desktop background. But there are also lots of useless things too.

I have 33 processes running at the moment but I am multitasking also. However considering you make no mention of what spec of computer you are running I would guess that it may be a bad idea to suggest you do very much more than in the little box with the clock in the bottom right disable some of the rubbish that starts there.

Common annoyances are Microsoft office and or word, winzip, any graphics utilities such as ATI or nvidia panels, also gems such as quick time, itunes, music match and other media players love to reside there. Just disable everything loaded there except your antivirus and firewall. Right clicking or double clicking often will bring you the options to disable them.

Also clear out the Start > all programs > start up folder of anything you dont need to start when your PC does. This will greatly improve how your PC responds.

Finally do a full Antivirus sweep as well as a full spyware sweep. If you dont have either I advise you get AVG free (free just google it) and also spybot search and destroy (again free just with a google) and spyware blaster. I find these 3 do the best job for most users.

Finally make sure your windows install is up to date start > all programs > windows update.

If you wish to do more and have little knowledge about the underbelly of your computer then I would advise you make a complete and up to date back up of your computer before tinkering with it.

If you want more help let us know however what I outlined above should be enough for the average user. I hope it helps

  Devil Fish 23:32 19 Sep 2006

processes are programs that are running many of them are related to the operating system itself and others are related to 3rd party programs such as virus scanners firewalls etc 48 does not seem unduly high if you are running XP so i wouldn't worry to much

however if you do wish to have a play anything to do with system i would leave well alone

  User-178362 00:45 20 Sep 2006

Common Annoyances.I have parted with Music Match. at the bottom on the blue bar. Do you mean I should part with all of them except Kerio and AVG? AVG is often being used. Startup folder. Not sure what you mean in this sentence. Wasn't sure how to do a full AVG sweep. I went into it clicked on Scan Computer. It started to Scan took 23 min, I take it I have done what you suggest. Spyware. Do you mean as in CClean, which I do? Windows Update. I clicked on it as far as I know I have it. It said do I want to install this software? I thought it was already installed so I came out of it. Complete and Up To Date back up. I wouldn't know how. Thank you very much for all the info, it must have taken you a long time. As you can see I think I have done a full scan on Windows and taken off Music Match at the bottom of my PC. Would it be alright if I sent pic of my All Prog so you can see what I have and the Windows Update or would that be a wast of time and space, plus not aloud?

  DieSse 00:58 20 Sep 2006

I have 44 processes running normally. 48 is a tad high, but not outrageously so.

Problem is, it depends on what the processes are - as one "bad" one is one too many.

  ed-0 06:59 20 Sep 2006

Disable all but your antivirus and firewall at boot up. You can start the programmes you want, when you want them.

Start > run > type , msconfig and enter.

pick the startup tab and unclick all except for AVG and kerio. click here click apply and OK.

It will ask you to reboot, do this.

When windows loads it will give you a warning screen saying " windows configuration is running". Just put a tick in the box to " not show this message again ".

This should make your start up a bit quicker and free some of your resources when using windows.

It would be nice to know what sort of computer you have.

  skidzy 14:27 20 Sep 2006

Processes here is at 35 and 2% cpu usage on Celeron D 3.0 ghz.512 ram,though my laptop has around 60 prosseses and 4% cpu usage gig of ram and duo processor...None of these cause any problems to date.

sea princess XP Pro,are you worried that the system is slow,What is the cpu usage in Task Manager,this may indicate if something is hogging the resources...thats if you are worried that the pc is slow.

Normally running your AV and a couple of Antispyware programs can help the performance of the pc.

Ewido, Spybot and Adaware click here

Also using a registry cleaner and cleaning out your temp files will help too. click here

Hope this helps.

  User-178362 14:51 20 Sep 2006

I have a tick in E_S101C2,CAgent,DAP,pctspk,VTimer,MotiveSB,Disk_Monitor,gcasServ,point32.avgcc,mmtask,SOUNDMAN.nbj,BackWeb-8876480,Adobe Gamma Loader,Microsoft Office Sh,Windows Desktop, Disk_Monitor,mouse32a,MMKEYBD,msmsas,pctspk,SOUNDMAN, VTTimer.

No tick in, NeroCheck, PicasaMediaDetector, GoogleDesktop, Print Screen, Broadband medic, Logitech Desktop M, Ulead Photo Expre, Nero Check. The End.

I clicked on Disable, apply and close. I could not see Kerio, so I thought I would let you know what I do have, before I take the tick out of them all. Thank you very much for your help.

  User-178362 15:05 20 Sep 2006

Just done a restart as I was asked now I have a message come up saying.File MDATA.DAT not found, OK. I OK this. also message saying You have used the System Configuration Utility to make changes to the way Windows Start. This System Configuration Uyo;oyu od vittrmy;u om Foshmpdyov pt Dr;rvyobr Startup mode, causing this message to be displayed and the utility to run every time Windows starts. Choose the Normal Startup mode on the General tab to start Windows normally and undo the changes you made using System Configuration Utility. OK. I clicked OK then went back to the page where I had to click on Start Up, so then I canceled. This closed the page.

  ed-0 17:47 20 Sep 2006

The MDATA.DAT not found, may relate to your mouse32a. Go back to msconfig and enable that item. See if the message goes away.

So do you now have them all disabled except for avg and the mouse?

How many processes are running now?

What is your cpu idle and physical memory (K) available in windows task manager ( ctrl + alt + delete ) under the performance tab.

Also do you know what cpu ( processor ) and ammount of memory you have.

  User-178362 18:35 20 Sep 2006

I have 45 processes running. I did not delete them all because I didn't see Kerio. I just deleted some that I thought were safe. MDATA.DAT mouse32a still has a tick in the box. CPU 0% I have a Buddy PC, it might be a name the shop gave it as I went to a private dealer who made it. I do not know what CPU and Memory I have. I know this all seems too much for me. MDATA.DAT not found is still on the desk top.

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