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  chippy+ 21:15 09 Aug 2007

hi one of my 2 crt monitors has a broken pin in the connector so rather buy another crt i have decided to replace the 2 for TFT can anyone help i was thinking of widescreen ? thanks Chippy

  SANTOS7 22:09 09 Aug 2007

click here

As soon as i get a little more money togehter i'll be buying the first in the list...

  wjrt 22:22 09 Aug 2007
  ambra4 01:12 10 Aug 2007


Make sure that when you buy a 19” widescreen LCD that your graphic card can support the

Maximum Resolution 1440 X 900

A 22” widescreen will need a Maximum Resolution: 1680x1050 graphic card

You should check that your present graphic card has a setting that can handle the widescreen resolution size

Maximum Resolution for a 19” & 22” must be set to the correct resolution for the picture to look right which is 1440 X 900, 1680 X 1050 nothing below or above

It no point buying the display and complaining afterwards that the picture look fat and stretch and you have a black band at the top and bottom of the display; like so many posting I have seen on this and other site

I use a 19” widescreen and the picture display looks just as a 19” normal screen using the correct 1440 X 900 resolution

So buy a new graphic card and install it before connection the LCD display; that will give you the correct Maximum Resolution for the size of the display

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