PC to Mobile phone connection

  golfpro 06:29 25 Mar 2003

This is further to my thread I posted yesterday regarding M/S Outlook. I have a Sony Ericsson T68i Mobile phone which I would like to connect to my Pc to transfer information back and forth, (pictures, data etc) I have the correct cable but the softweare from Sony Ericsson can only be downloaded from their site, but from what I can see is, I must have M/S Outlook instaled to run it. Is this right or does anyone out there know different.

  golfpro 12:17 26 Mar 2003

Brought this to the top, I still need an answer if there is one.

  beeuuem 12:50 26 Mar 2003

According to Ericsson you do need MS Outlook."XTNDConnect PC for Sony Ericsson is a free software application that enables you to synchronize your contacts, calendar and tasks between your Sony Ericsson mobile phone and Microsoft Outlook"
It is the same for my Palmtop, so it could well be that this is an industry standard.

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