pc mega failure

  superfluke 14:36 04 Jun 2003

My second p.c. (used largely for my children's games) refuses to show any signs of life, no indicator lights, etc. The mains lead has power but the pc appears dead, not even responding to the reset button. Can someone assist this geriatric p.c. novice?

  xtreme_computing 14:39 04 Jun 2003

make sure the power cable is in properly to the back of the computer, and make sure the fuse is ok in the plug.

has the computer been knocked or anything because if it has, maybe something has come loose

  graham√ 14:43 04 Jun 2003

Ensure power is going in to the PC by trying another good lead. If you are confident, look inside (power off) for any loose leads.

  Diemmess 15:51 04 Jun 2003

PSU has given up is the safest bet............ so if you are sure that the juice is arriving at the Power Supply Unit then buy a new PSU, (this time no less than 300watts - more if you have a screamer chip and lots of peripherals)

  Murray 16:18 04 Jun 2003

what extra things do you have inside

CD RW DVD, multiple hard disks, fancy graphics, fast athlon RAM

all of these gobble up power so check here first

  Sion 16:21 04 Jun 2003

Check that the power cable that is attached to the motherboard is properly connected. Shoudl be a large 12pin connector, close to the processor. You can't miss it.

  talia 18:27 04 Jun 2003

check for power output at a spare power connection or in the back the m/board connection.

I had a similar problem that power was reaching the power unit but not the mother board and had to change the power unit

  Gongoozler 20:00 04 Jun 2003

superfluke, how old is the pc? If it has an AT power supply, the mains is routed through the power switch. If it's ATX, then the on/off switch is routed through the motherboard and sends a power on/off signal to the supply via the ATX power connector on the motherboard.

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