PC making whining noise when switched on

  oo7juk 13:31 07 Mar 2006


Popped home at lunch time and switched pc on to check emails and it started to make loud whining noises, just switched back off. Any ideas, think it could be the fan.

Many thanks.

  Smiler 13:33 07 Mar 2006

More than like a fan but which one will need you to open up the casing and listen carefully.

  Batch 13:43 07 Mar 2006

You sure the wife isn't stuck inside?

  Gongoozler 13:48 07 Mar 2006

This kind of noise is nearly always due to the processor fan, but to be certain take the cover off the computer. Get a sheet of A4 paper and roll it into a long tube about 2cm diameter. Put one end against your ear and use the other end to locate the source of the noise. New processor heatsinks aren't expensive, but you need to get one to match your processor. If it is the processor fan that is making the noise, you can buy just the fan, but it is probably easier to buy a complete heatsink assembly - you can get them for about £5 - and swap the fan from the new heatsink to the one on your computer.

  Batch 13:56 07 Mar 2006

If the fans are get-at-able, you should be able to briefly touch the hub of each one in turn (take care not to touch other components) to momentarily stop each. When the noise stops, you've fould the culprit.

  oo7juk 13:11 08 Mar 2006

Thanks for all your help. Opened case, gave the fan a good clean and it seems to be working ok now.Thanks

  rmcqua 13:18 08 Mar 2006

Often happens if a wire shifts and comes into contact with the CPU fan.

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