PC is making buzzing noise

  oo7juk 12:30 25 Aug 2006


My PC is making a buzzing noise, it's like a background noise. I have changed the speakers and I'm still getting noise, any ideas many thanks.

  Belatucadrus 12:43 25 Aug 2006

Could be mains hum from the PSU, or I've even heard it from some CRT monitors.
Can you still hear it with the PC turned off ?

  oo7juk 12:52 25 Aug 2006

I can her it as soon as I turn on PC at the socket and when I press on button it just gets louder. For info I have a tft monitor, thanks.

  Belatucadrus 14:31 25 Aug 2006

Sounds like mains hum in the Power Supply Unit. If it is, it's harmless but irritating and there isn't much you can do but fit a new PSU.

  amonra 16:38 25 Aug 2006

Have you tried the very technical THUMP on the computer case ?(not too had) Sometimes works wonders for things that are loose and vibrating.

  Pineman100 18:17 25 Aug 2006

Before you spend money to change your PSU, just check all of its mounting screws and - if any - casing assembly screws. It's possible that resonance in the transformer could be causing a loose mounting point to hum. (This is perhaps a kinder technique than Amonra's recommended "impact maintenance".)

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