PC making 1 long noise on boot

  ACOLYTE 15:14 29 Jun 2006

I booted my pc today and it makes 1 long sound,not a beep more a long tone for about 3/4 seconds then stops,during this time the pc continues to boot,but the monitor doesnt come on,at first i thought the graffix card was iffy but i checked both the card and the monitor on my sons pc and they both work ok,can anyone shed any light on what my problem may be.

  ?.nl 15:15 29 Jun 2006

Where is the noise coming from?



hard drive

etc etc.

  ACOLYTE 15:23 29 Jun 2006

From the system speaker as far as i can tell.

I have just had the side off to see if the fans were all working and booted without the monitor connected and it booted and didnt make any sound at all so i dont know what to think.

  ACOLYTE 15:34 29 Jun 2006

I just tried my sons monitor on my pc and it booted fine,so i have to think there is somthing amiss with my screen,but it works fine on his pc,he will be in from school shortly so my replys may not be so quick as he wont want me on his pc all the time lol.

  Stuartli 16:26 29 Jun 2006

I presume you have an AMI Bios setup?

The one long beep normally indicates that all tests have been passed on boot up. See:

click here

You can check out Award etc Bios codes here as well if you don't have an AMI Bios.

  Enoch 18:00 29 Jun 2006
  ACOLYTE 19:54 29 Jun 2006

I know what the bios beeps are,mine does 1 beep at boot up it has always done this,but the sound i was getting was not a beep it was a tone,i have had another look at it and i thinki have found the trouble my monitor has BNC connectors and the video connector i think is faulty when i waddle it about the monitor comes on and i dont get the tone anymore,as it is now i have got the pc up and running by waddling the video wire it would seem my mobo know when the monitor is not working and makes a tone accordingly.

  Stuartli 19:58 29 Jun 2006

So your problem is solved then?

  ACOLYTE 20:01 29 Jun 2006

Yeah i guess i solved it,sorry i forgot to tick.

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