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  jim63 18:46 01 Apr 2011

Trying to set up sending mail from this pc but have to create account. What does these mean and how do I do it.
"In coming mail (POP3 or IMAP)server"
"Outgoing email server SMTP name"
"Outgoing server requires authentication"

  AroundAgain 19:07 01 Apr 2011

It would probably help you re explanation, if you said what email client and operating system you were using so maybe you could post this info

'Creating an account' is when you enter the necessary details so that the computer knows where to look, as it were (in very basic terms)

The details you have already mentioned need to be entered in the appropriate boxes, along with your email address and your password. So, you will need to have all information to hand


  johnnyrocker 19:57 01 Apr 2011

your internet provider should help you with this?


  jim63 21:33 01 Apr 2011

What do you put into first box: "In coming mail (POP3 or IMAP)server" what is pop3
and then second one:"Outgoing email server SMTP name"
"Outgoing server requires authentication": what does this mean

  johnnyrocker 21:43 01 Apr 2011

see my previous post re this


  STREETWORK 22:03 01 Apr 2011

If you use your internet providers website and then look up the support area to find 'setting up an email account' it will provide the details you need..

  lotvic 22:37 01 Apr 2011

Here is an example of settings for Sky ISP and a sky email address click here

1. When you have read that, come back and tell us who your ISP is
2. and the part of your email address @what yours is.com (Do not put your full email address on here or you will get loads of spam mail)
3. And tell us what mail client you are using - is it Outlook Express or Windows Mail or what?
4. Also tell us what OS you are using - XP or Vista or W7?

  jim63 06:44 02 Apr 2011

Thank you.
Bt broadband./ @gmail.com / mail client "gmail" /

  lotvic 19:40 02 Apr 2011

Settings guides:
For POP gmail click here (downloads your email to your pc using one of the programs listed)

For IMAP gmail click here (downloads your email to your pc using one of the programs listed AND synchronises the email folders on the gmail webserver with the folders on your pc)

What's the difference between IMAP and POP? click here

Learn more about using Gmail click here

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