pc losing power have to remove and reinsert cable

  weemacs 09:40 05 Apr 2007

after a period of time my pc completely loses power. Cannot turn it on via the power button. have to unplug it and plug it in again then it boots up from the windows screen not the bios or the emachine loga page.(it is an e machine)

  keef66 09:57 05 Apr 2007

I suspect your power supply is on the way out. can you borrow one from a working pc to test the theory?

  weemacs 10:49 05 Apr 2007

are the power supplies generic for large tower, small form factor etc

  Diemmess 10:53 05 Apr 2007

It may be overheating, in which case some dilligent effort with the CPU to clear all dust caked on to its fan and in particular in between the fins of the heatsink.

  keef66 11:38 05 Apr 2007

Many tower / desktop pc's have a standard ATX power supply, although some large manufacturers like Dell had a habit of supplying theirs with odd sizes / proprietary connectors. Small form factor pc's do have compact psu's, although the connectors are the same and you could hook one up without installing it internally.

  weemacs 10:47 06 Apr 2007

Thanks for your responses. On looking at event viewer and watching closely I discovered it shut down after exaclty 10 minutes and deduced it was therefore not a mechanical or electrical fault but some malware, virus, worm or whatever in the sytem. I did a system restore to an earlier time and it is fine now. Anyone know of something out there that cd have caused this

  Stuartli 11:15 06 Apr 2007

Check out Event Viewer from Start>Settings>Control Panel>Administrative Tools, which may give a clue.

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