pc lockup after 10 - 20 mins. why?

  Rebound 10:08 31 Oct 2006

I have an Athlon 2200 based pc on an MSI 6590 board with 1GB ram. Working fine for a year or so but now it has started to lock up after 10-20 minutes, no matter what is happening with the cpu (could be idle or intensive). The keyboard and mouse don't respond and the screen appears as it is at lock up. Only way out is to press reset.
Does anyone think this is a memory problem? The installed memory is 1x512MB + 2x256MB DDR modules, but they are generic from PCWorld. Do you think I should change these for something from Crucial or similar?
Any ideas please?

  Stuartli 10:14 31 Oct 2006

Sounds more like overheating; check that all the fans are working and that they are as free from dust as possible.

  Technotiger 10:17 31 Oct 2006

Hi, are you sure it is not perhaps something simple - such as, mouse battery?

  ed-0 10:18 31 Oct 2006

MSI recommend that you just use two dimm slots for PC3200 ( 400Mhz ) ram. click here

Take out one of the 256Mb moduels and try that, but if it's been running for a year with them in, it may have given you some problems.

  Rebound 10:19 31 Oct 2006

Core temp runs at about 47C normally, but I tried running with the case open for a while. Still locked up though.

  Rebound 10:23 31 Oct 2006

Current memory modules are all 333 MHz, ie PC2700. One thing I did though - I had in slots 0,1 & 2 originally, modules 256, 256 and 512.
These locked up. Then tried swapping the 512 and 256 modules so slots 0,1,2 now have 512,256,256.
However on reboot the 512 is no longer recognised.
System still locks up though.

  ed-0 10:23 31 Oct 2006

Also worth looking at the sync between the cpu and memory. Which cpu are you using click here click here or click here. It maybe worth checking the settings.

  ed-0 10:25 31 Oct 2006

Sorry disregard the above, I thought I had read you were using pc3200.

I'll just go and get my coat.

  Rebound 10:26 31 Oct 2006

Mouse doesn't have a battery - it's not cordless.

  Technotiger 10:38 31 Oct 2006

Hi, have you tried ed-0's first suggestion? you have not said.

  Rebound 10:45 31 Oct 2006

I think that next I will try and run with just one module in situ and rotate these in turn. If I get a lock up on one only then that's faulty.
Don't know off-hand which specific Athlon 2200+ cpu I have (pc is at home), but should I be using 266 MHz memory to match the cpu bus speed, or does it not matter?

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