PC locks up

  hooperman4 20:57 02 May 2004

anyone help me with this one.

Manchine was running fine until about a week ago then got me a trogan, ran AVG to remove it unfortunately did not get its name but AVG could not get rid of it. Then almost straight away the keyboard packed in, replaced that and then the machine keeps on re booring during startup, it was just going around in circles, got to the XP startup then it would switch of and reboot.

Sod this i thought, re install the os, did a straight forward format, no problem but now.....

Machine will not boot, no post beep, everthing is powered up ok (fan etc) occationally the post boot is ok and I enter the BIOS and it just locks up???. I cannot believe it is all coincidence that this has all happened within a week. Any ideas to point me in the right direction..

  Gongoozler 21:23 02 May 2004

Unless this was a rare virus that affects the BIOS, I think this is a coincidence. I don't think there are any trojans that can affect the POST. I think it is more likely that either somehow your CMOS settings have become corrupted or you have a problem with your RAM. I suggest that you carefully check the CMOS settings, or reset the CMOS and start again. If that doesn't help, then if you have more than 1 stick of memory, try with just one at a time.

  hooperman4 09:45 03 May 2004

Thanks for the reply.

I have reset the BIOS and also managed to set all to default but no joy. I get a boot if I leave the machine for an hour or so but again, it then just locks up either in the BIOS or when I insert a startup disk. Not tried the Ram yet due to only having one stick in.

as mentioned, PC powers up ok, fans working etc but after the initial boot after it locks up there is no post boot. took out the memory and the bios beeped to put some in ok. Suppose I will have to get some ram and eliminate that. Aside of a ram problem (mob is ASUS A7N266.VM) everthing else is on board.

I have read a thread that there is a problem with the manual settings for clearing CMOS on this thread

click here

  Gongoozler 18:35 03 May 2004

When things go wrong after a period of time, I always suspect a heating problem. Have you tried monitoring the case and processor temperatures? It could also be a memory temperature problem. It could be worth opening the case and blowing cool air into it. If that works, perhaps a case fan will do the job.

  hooperman4 11:27 11 May 2004

Sorry about the late responce, been away for a while.

I have the case open, tried removing and reseating ram, I am positive it is not heating problem.

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